Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whistle While You Work!

For the past few days, I've heard the sweetest little birdie singing. I knew he must be hanging around the front porch in order for me to hear him so clearly. I peeked out the window a couple of times and saw the bird fly off the porch.

Today, a gentleman from the Census bureau left a brochure at the front door. When I opened the door, a bunch of straw and dried grass came into the hallway. That is when I saw the nest!

That little stinker built it on top of the wreath I have hanging on the door. No eggs in it yet. I wonder who builds the nest - Daddy, Mommy, or both?

No more opening the front door until I find out if there will be eggs. And of course, if there are eggs, I'll be a wreck until they are born, and safely out of the nest. This seems to happen every year, and usually it is in a hanging basket! Remember this nest from last summer? Well, at least it will provide good blog material!

I changed my blog header because this Saturday is the kick-off of the Kentucky Derby Festival - two weeks of events leading up to the Kentucky Derby which is the first Saturday in May.

I was so excited to find those vintage photos while looking through my parents' stash of pictures. They are from the 1950 Kentucky Derby, and my grandparents had visitors in town. Naturally, the ladies wore hats!


Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Laura! *waving paws* Aww, the little birdie likes your wreath because it is safely up high and away from the kitties. Thanks for the awesome derby pictures, I used to be the editor for a horse racing magazine and boy do those folks get excited this time of year. I have always wanted to go! have you been?

Doreen said...

The reason you have a bird nest in your wreath is because those birds knew it would be safe. I love your Derby header. Derby is the best two weeks of the year -- if you're from L'ville.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!

oh spring has arrived to your front door!

how fun! i cannot wait to meet the little birdies!


Cocker Spaniel Girls said...

How sweet hope Mom picked a safe place to lay her eggs and guess you will be using another door for awhile. LOL
The picture of the birds in the nest last year with their beaks open is precious. Yes spring is here.

Pegasus said...

Watching!! I usually get a nest on the underside of my deck! Fun, huh?

Neat pics!

Starchy said...

Love the header and those photos!

Samoa and her servants don't know how to open the front door do they? :D

A New England Life said...

Is it that time already? Kentucky Derby time? The year flew by! Your page looks incredible Laura! I love all the red : ) Makes me long for a pretty page myself ... or maybe a new header ....

Apparently the birds find your house very 'homey'. They know a 'welcome'sign when they see it! "All Critter This way!" LOL!

If they do nest in your plantpot this year just keep on watering it. My mom does and it's never affected the babies. I think the parents like the coverage of the green leaves also to keep the nest hidden.

cpknancy said...

Last year we had a house finch build a nest on top of the wreath right next to the front door. They'd fly off and scold everytime someone went in or out of the door and since its our main entrance, they did it a lot. In spite of the interruptions, five healthy babies was a VERY "full" nest!!