Monday, April 27, 2009

Seeing Red!

Today is the color red!

Yes, I did get this adorable red lamp for $6.49 at Goodwill. And who cares if I have to spend $20 on a shade, the lamp was only $6.49! And who cares if I might have to repaint a room to go with this adorably cute $6.49 lamp!

This is Kentucky Derby week in Louisville. The winning horse on Saturday receives a beautiful blanket of red roses. We go to a Derby breakfast every year with my parents and their friends. We didn't go last year because I thought it would be too sad not having Mom and Dad there, but we plan to attend on Saturday. I'm making red rose flower pins for the ladies.

What else made me see red today? The U.S. Post Office! For months, I have been mailing my cat beds from my Etsy shop in a large box. On Friday, one of them was returned with over $11 owed for postage. Apparently the size of my box - which is clearly labeled on the bottom by the manufacturer - is 1/4" larger on one side which bumps it into the next higher priced category - making the postage more than the cost of the bed! Of course, they want me to use their large priority box - way too small.

Since I purchase my postage on-line, I went to the post office today to get my money refunded. Let's just say based on the ridiculous conversation I had with two men in the post office, it is a miracle they even got a job in the first place! I told them they have lost a customer as I will now be shipping with UPS - at a cheaper rate! I'm sure they could care less!

And from there, I went to the bank to contribute to my now growing headache! Two weeks ago, I needed a certified check on an account, and the only thing I had with the account number on it was a check re-order form. I didn't realize until I got home that the teller kept my form. Well, I knew she wouldn't order checks because I told her I was closing the account, and she even had to re-classify the account so it wouldn't get service charged. WRONG - checks came in the mail, and a $15 charge to the account! I got the refund.

Has anything made you see red today?


nikkicrumpet said...

Yikes...stuff like that just makes you crazy! Love the rose pins...those are so cute. I bet going to the Kentucky Derby is a wonderful experience!

Mikki said...

Only my kids. LOL
Hope tomorrow is better. Love the rose pins you're making. Those are going to be cute!

Pegasus said...

What a day!! I'm seeing red...all over my leg! - bruises from p.t.

Love those little flowers & your great lamp. Have fun at your breakfast

A New England Life said...

You certainly are all about RED lately!

Do you go someplace special for breakfast? Sounds like this year will be bitter sweet without your mom and dad there to celebrate with.

The ladies will love the rose pins! Are you all wearing hats? I would! Something big and fancy!

T said...

Well, I'm late, but I think after you read my post, you know what made me see red. ACK!!

Love your little red rose pins, and the cute little lamp is cute! I bet you can get very creative, and make a nice shade for it that will be nicer then anything you can buy..;)

Sorry about your post office problems, Yikes, that would make me see red too!

Laura said...

Sharon - we go to one of the nice hotels in town. One of my parents' good friends used to be the manager. He passed away last year and when they renovated the hotel, they named the board room after him.

Beth said...

I saw red all day yesterday. I was told I am losing my last hired teacher - and she is phenomenal! Seriously, I cried.

And about the Post Office, they can be so frustrating!

Darlene said...

I absolutely LOVE your new red lamp!! The shape of it is FABULOUS! Those are some great red rose pins you all will be wearing!

Cocker Spaniel Girls said...

Laura good find I love your red lamp and the rose pins are pretty and will get everyone in the festive mood. Have a wonderful time and celebration with your friends and put all the bad red stuff out of your mind!