Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Green, Green Grass of Home!

The lawn got its first haircut of the season today! The sun is shining, and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Mr. Rogers! And to think they said we might have snow flurries next week. Gotta love April!

For this being brand new grass that was planted in the fall, there are way too many weeds - who knew that grass seed came with its own weeds tucked inside? I think they are spring weeds that will disappear when the weather gets hot.

I spent Friday walking around zapping all those nasty dandelions. I'd rather dig them up because the leaves are so ugly, but watching them wither and die is almost as good!

I have some grass cutting responsibilities too, but mine involves a riding lawn mower at the bottom of our property - nice and flat - a chance to catch some rays, chill out, and think - oh, and look for four-leaf clovers!

But, I didn't do that today.I was stuck inside doing way too much laundry - how do two people get so many clothes dirty? I'm glad the cats don't wear any!


A New England Life said...

Brent would kill for a yard with grass like that! Ours looks worse every year and we can't figure out why. He fertilizes, waters, etc. We have a terrible problem with grubs now. At least the Robins are happy!

Enjoy the green green grass of home! said...

Beautiful lawn!! I think I need to borrow your mower the next time it rains ;) maybe you could ride it to Arizona? Have you seen that movie, where the man drives the lawn mower to se his brother??? So sweet, xoxo

Darlene said...

Your grass is so lush and green!! We have so many trees it is hard to have nice grass.

Doreen said...

Your grass really looks great. Good job. Makes me want to come home. :-(


PurrPrints said...

I constantly wonder how so many clothes get dirty too--and in my house it's just my husband and i--but there's laundry to do almost every other day--it's nuts!

If your husband works with computer programming people, you might actually be the perfect person for me to talk to right now--we are looking to possibly hire a student to program some code for us for the etsygiveaways site. If your husband would be interested in proffering this opportunity to his students, let me know, ok? :)

Starchy said...

Beautiful yard! Looks like we've got the same forecast you do. Don't you hope the forecasters are lying as much as usual and it stays sunny and 70s?

niartist said...

Oh, I'd love to do yard work right now - but we got snow tonight! What's that all about!?!?! I thought it was spring! LOL! Beautiful yard, and a great blog.