Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From My Piece of Earth

Happy Earth Day! It is a windy but sunny day in Kentucky. Here is what is blooming on my piece of earth today! My dogwood tree survived the winter - I heart dogwood trees!

And is there any smell more heavenly than lilacs? I don't think so!

Our weeping cherry has a few blooms too!

And look what we have here! I see three, but there may be one more - I was risking my life on a bouncy porch chair to get this picture before Mama came back!

Love the earth!


Mikki said...

What beautiful pictures!! There is absolutely nothing on the earth that smells as divine as lilacs. I love them.
How exciting, that little nest on your door. Can't wait to see the babies, just be careful!

A New England Life said...

You have Lilacs! How I long for the smell of a big container of Lilacs on the kitchen table : )

Momma is going to have some babies! So fun! What kind of bird is it again?

Laura said...

I think it is a robin - at least that is what I see hanging around the front yard!

Beth said...

Your photographs are gorgeous! Happy Earth Day (and the day after)!

Darlene said...

Beautiful photos and I LOVE your little nest you found. I always enjoy watching the babies when I find a nest.

michele said...

I've been sick all day and stuck in the house, but now the outside has come to me. Thank you! these are lovely pictures.

nikkicrumpet said...

LOVED this reminded me of all the reasons why I adore if would just hurry up and arrive in New England all would be well!

T said...

Beautiful photos!

Love the little Robins nest!!

ps. thank you for the comment on my blog. Jarie has been to the vet, she is constantly under a vets care because of her many health issues. We can not change her diet or add anything that can possibly upset her compromised immune system. With Jarie, it is always a wait and see. What we do for our furkids!:)

Nancy and the fatties said...

Oh look at those little eggs just waiting to hatch on your front door decor! I hope you are planning to stop using the front door altogether to give the babies plenty of space. Maybe you and Ted can crawl in and out through a window from now on. I can hardly wait to see what all you do to your living space outdoors, Laura, it is going to be wonderful!
hugs from Texas