Monday, March 9, 2009

Time To Dance!

In our Red Hots pool, I got the lucky pick this year - at least I hope it's a lucky pick! I'll be rooting for Julianne Hough and her boyfriend dance partner, Chuck Wicks.

Who do you think is going to win?


Salinda said...

Ty Murray's kinda cute too! She's not my favorite, but I think Lil Kim and Derrick should do well too.

Mikki said...

I missed the first forty minutes-darn it!! I really like Julianne Houghs, so I'm always rooting for ehr. I also like David Alan Grier.

Vanessa said...

YOU KNOW who I want to win. But I just don't think it will happen w/that hussy he has as a partner. I like Melissa from the Bachelor.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Me and the puggies are rooting for Julianne! Occasionally, however, they fall asleep and snore during the program so I am forced to jiggle them awake. ; )

A New England Life said...

Denise Richards was so awful! I thought she would move better than that, especially since she's dancing with Maksim!

I really liked the guy Cheryl was dancing with, Gillis? He did a great job. Quite the roll in Sex and the City.

I also like the little girl towards the end, Shawn Johnson. What a cutie and she was such a great dancer!

Did Ty Murray (the bull rider) even smile? How on earth did he and Jewel hook up?

Julianne and her boyfriend were really cute too! Sorry, did I stray too far from the question? he hee . . . I don't really have a favorite, yet.

Saucy said...

I kind of/sort of watch this show out of the corner of my little beady eyes because I am and American Idol freak... but honestly I think Denise Richards might pull the pin early. As for picking the winner, I have no idea but I'll be checking in with you to keep me posted!