Thursday, March 12, 2009

That Topless Place

We had Red Hots last night. We were missing four of the group - one is cruising, one is in New York for the Big East basketball tournament, one was already comfy in her p.j.'s (she is the really old one of the group), and one was doing her civic duty attending a meeting.

We went to a place most of us had not been before - Mojitos Tapas! When one of the Red Hots told her husband we were meeting at that tapas place, guess what he thought she said!

Tapas are little Spanish thingies. I ordered the chicken and ham tapas to share, and I also had an excellent pear salad. We also tried the sweet potato fries.

RH Bargain Babe had her birthday this week, and RH Cheater Chair gave her the chocolate duck - isn't he cute? Don't worry, RH Mama, your title as Lead Duck still holds!

We continue to be in dark colors because it is STINKIN' COLD here! I knew that 70 degree weather we had for a couple of days was too good to be true. But a few painted toes peeked out, so hopefully we will be sharing more of our feet very soon.

Several of us topped off the evening the best way possible - at Graeter's Ice Cream! Turtle sundae - to die for!


Liss said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot of babies! I like your blog. I live in KY too.

Darlene said...

What a fun night out with your friends!!!

Doreen said...

Live from Madison Square Garden -- I saw our Cards receive their Big East Championship trophy. Go Cards. Sorry I missed Red Hots.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Laura! oh my heavens, you went WHERE??? I hope you kept your shirts on. ; ) Dallas has a few tapas places, but I never allow Carlos to go to them without me.

A New England Life said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening to me Laura! I love Sweet Potato fries, especially with a little brown sugar baked on top. We always have them in the freezer at our house. Turtle sundae! Oh delish!!!

Stinkin' cold is right! Supposedly we're supposed to be getting some warmer temps here this week-end. I have yet to feel them. It's 33 degrees right now and that's cold. April should be a better month for us all : )