Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Only Time It's a Pain!

I love our ornamental grasses. They require no watering or upkeep, and they hide all the stuff you hate to see in a yard - the electrical boxes, the cable boxes, and meters against the house.

The only thing that needs to be done is cutting them back in the spring. The reason the job stinks is because they flare up your allergies like you wouldn't believe! And we always seem to pick a weekend when the wind is blowing, and I end up chasing the stuff all over the place.

Luckily, Ted is on spring break this week. This past weekend he went to his Mom's house in Ohio to install a storm door we got her for Christmas. Three days is about all anyone can handle of non-stop talking!

Today he decided to burn the six foot high pile of limbs and twigs we have collected since the winter storm. Once that burned down, he tackled the ornamental grasses. I was so happy that he didn't need my help!

Our weather has been beautiful for the past few days - I'm hoping it is here to stay!

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A New England Life said...

Odd Laura, wouldn't you think all that ice would have taken those bushes down? Nope. Mine is still standing strong after ice and feet of snow! Looks like Brent or I will have to do the same thing as Ted.

Brent is planning on cleaning up some of our yard this week-end from the ice storm. Should be a muddy mess since we still have some snow on the ground.

Thank goodness Spring has finally showed itself!