Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Madness!

If you're from a college basketball loving state, you know what all the madness is about this month! Having been a University of Louisville cardinal fan my entire life, and with Ted working at the University, we are super happy that our C-A-R-D-S are one of the #1 ranked teams in the tournament this year.

The next team they play is the University of Arizona. And there you have the problem. Because Ted is a graduate of the U of A - not once, but twice! And when we lived in Tucson, we were able to get awesome student tickets (after waiting in a hay field for 18 hours - oh, the things you do when you're young and don't have money). So, we love the Arizona Wildcats too!

And the game is being played in Indianapolis - a short ride from here! Ted calls me from work yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go to the game. Well, of course, I do, but we knew the U of L tickets were already sold out. So, we did the next best thing - called our U of A season ticket holder friends in Tucson to see if they could get tickets for us. The first thing David said to Ted when he answered the phone? Traitor! But, he came through for us, and we're headed to Indy on Friday for the first game, and then again on Sunday for the second game.

I'll be wearing this shirt on Friday. And then when U of L wins, I'll wear a cardinal shirt on Sunday!

Either way, we're winners! Go Cats - Go Cards! For those of you not from Kentucky, saying Go Cats is sacrilegious if you're a U of L fan because the University of Kentucky - our biggest rival - are also Wildcats. But, those poor Cat fans are crying cause they only made it to the NIT this year. So sad, really, we're crying with you . . . . . . . .


Starchy said...

Yeah...such a TRAGEDY that poor UK team only made the NIT this year. Us UT fans are really sad about that. Bah!

(Like we can talk, we bit the dust first round).

Go Cards!!! Go Cats!!! Go CARTS! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

look for Tom Friday night. he got tickets and will be there with customers. He will be on U of L side tho. Sounds like a good time for you and Ted

Aileigh said...

{{{poking my head in trying not to get it chopped off}}}

A born and bread UK fan has visited your site! :) Sorry... Found you through Nikki. (Although, I could really care less about the whole thing anyway!) And how's this for a KY girl finding another KY girl... My word verification for this comment is "mulit" LOL!!!

funky bag freak said...

Hey I have Cardinal fabric! Maybe that is my next purse!!

Laura said...

Okay, that last comment made me laugh! Most of my friends are diehard UK fans, but that's just FUNNY! hey, i'm a Hoosier and a Topper.