Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celebrating Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 88 years old. He died a couple of months short of his 86th birthday. He never seemed old to me until the last few months of his life. I'm not sure how old he was in this photo, but I'm guessing around 20.

I don't remember this photo, but knowing him, I think he did this a lot when I was little. He loved children!

He also loved to travel. He and Mom went on many cruises after his retirement from General Electric. This was a trip to Hawaii that we took back in the 80's - you can tell it's the 80's because of my big hair and big sunglasses!

He adored my mother more than you could imagine. I think she kept him young by having lots of projects for him! When I think about him dying before she did, I'm thankful because I don't think he could have survived without her.

Happy Birthday ~ we miss you so much!


Shauna said...


A New England Life said...

What a wonderful Birthday post in loving memory of your dad. You had such great parents and they always seemed to be upbeat, happy, and loving. I loved the pictures. What a handsome young man he was! I can only imagine how much you miss your parents.

Happy Birthday to your Dad : )

Rebecca & Twixy said...

What a nice post you did about your Dad, Laura. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures.

I know you are missing him a lot..

Wishing him a happy birthday ..and sending hugs your way ~

Pegasus said...

You got me, Laura.

Touching memories and thoughts.
Happy Birthday.

robinrane said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! And what a sweet tribute to him. I'm so glad you had him for 86 years and he sounds like a wonderful man that no doubt left a legacy that's living still...
Blessings today~
Robin Rane'
All Things Heart and HOme

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute!

Laura G.