Thursday, February 12, 2009

That's Just Peachy!

I'm not about to ruin my Valentine present to myself to get a picture of what this entry is all about, so enjoy my first pedicure of 2009 while I tell you my discovery today.

Rocky, our dog, was in the backyard and after the fun job of scooping rained upon poop, I decided to pick up some tree limbs and take them to our fire circle. You wouldn't believe the junk that has blown out of the trees from not only the ice storm, but the huge winds we had last night.

I glanced over to an area we call The Orchard and I couldn't believe what I saw! If you look at this post from last October, you'll remember that my crazy neighbor tied his homemade deer feeder to one of my peach trees.

There are two peach trees in our orchard. And now there is one huge mama of a tree laying across both of my precious peach trees! The tree that fell was in the neighbor's yard and it completely uprooted!

My orchard is ruined! No more peach pies . . . . no more peach preserves . . . . . . no more peach cobbler! Oh, sure, we've had those trees for ten years, and we have never gotten anything that resembled a peach or tasted like a peach from either of those trees, but it could have happened some day!

When my paint job has hardened, I'll get a picture of the ruined orchard for you. Be prepared to cry!


Pegasus said...

Oh No!!! Horrible. And I love your peach pie! At least I know I will, someday! Well...somehow, anyway!

Sorry about your peachlessness.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

OHHH that is horrible. NO more pie. cherry

Nancy and the fatties said...

Laura, that is terrible news. I knew that neighbor was bad news the moment they hung up the deer feeder. waaa.

A New England Life said...

I'm sorry Laura. What a sad day. Even the neighbors tree's are menacing! We still have a big tree down in our backyard. Just as soon as the snow is gone Brent's going to cut it all up with the chainsaw. I know he's anxious. Somehow I doubt your neighbor feels the same.