Friday, February 13, 2009

That Bad Friday!

This woman was superstitious. She had selective superstitions! Of course, none of them involved cats. I've seen pictures of one of our cats sleeping in my dresser drawer when I was a baby. So, I know she didn't believe the one about a cat sucking the breath of a sleeping child. I would have been dead a long time ago!

She also believed that when you visited someone, you had to leave from the same door you entered. What is that all about?

And if a clock stopped, something bad was going to happen. Like the time she made my Dad cancel a business trip because the kitchen clock magically stopped ticking. It didn't matter that it stopped ticking because it needed to be wound!

I'm sure her twin had the same superstitions because after all, twins think alike - especially on silly stuff like throwing salt over your shoulder or having an itch means company is coming!

I wonder if I should be superstitious about my forehead showing in the picture. I don't think my forehead has seen the light of day in years. Could that have a deep meaning? Or is it that I hate my cowlick?

She wouldn't open an umbrella in the house. Who needs to anyway unless you're in my bedroom!

We had bunco last night at Donna's house. We had a sub. We told her she would win something because the subs always win. Yep, we were right. Add that to the superstitions list - Bunco subs always win a prize.

If you want to see some of the common superstitions, check out this list! Are there any that you believe?

I hope my palms itch today as I'm eating fish and avoiding smelling dandelions!


Tammy said...

My own Mama is a stickler for leaving out the same door she came in...teehee!

I think we all have our pet superstitions. The full moon making people wackado is one of my favorites ;D

A New England Life said...

Hee hee, I can't believe they cancelled a trip over the clock! Wow! Look at the legs on your mom! Yowsa!

Well I'm not superstitious at all. I think it might irk people sometime but as I always say "if you believe in that sort of stuff". My parents aren't superstitious either so maybe that's where I get it from? They don't believe in anything. lol!

Mikki said...

See, I thought if your hand itched, it meant you were in for some money. Maybe it's only if the left palm itches or something.
I think I'm not superstitious at all, in fact I used to like to walk under ladders just to prove that nothing would happen.

Darlene said...

That is funny that your mother had all those superstitions. Did you inherit any of it?? I am not superstitious at all!

I LOVE your paperdolls in a previous cute and what fun to make!

Hope you and your family are having a wonderful Valentine's Day!♥

Valerie said...

yeah....and don't cross your eyes are they will get stuck..Don't open the bobby pins with your teeth are you will chip all the enamel off...Oh they were so alike....We were just talking about the cat thing yesterday..Enjoyed landing on your blog..Valerie