Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reality Bites!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love Survivor! I've watched from the very beginning of time - it has been on forever, and I get excited every year when that theme song starts. Last week I was at bunco, so I had to tape it and watch it later. But I enjoyed seeing it tonight.

There is an old gal from Louisville on the show this year. And I laugh when they called her old because she is 53! Unfortunately, she won't last long. But don't feel bad, Sandy, I wouldn't last one day. Well, maybe I'd try to hang around as long as possible so I could keep looking at this eye candy!

And my love of reality shows doesn't stop there. I'm a fan of The Amazing Race. There are two sisters from Louisville on the show this year. After seeing that bungee jump they had to do this past week, I don't think I'd survive that show either!

And, I admit it - I'm a fan of The Bachelor too. And those of you who have been watching it know that there is something very dramatic coming up at the finale. So shocking that they filmed it on a closed set.

If you want to know what the internet speculation is about the shocking ending, head over to Reality Steve's website and be ready to find out the jaw-dropping secret!

Reality television - they need to come up with another name for it because it's anything but real!


Vanessa said...

I wouldn't survive either.

Are you so excited for DWTS?? I am..but not excited for Maksim's new partner. She is NOT my fave!

A New England Life said...

It is rather planned isn't it Laura. Brent loves Survivor too and hasn't missed a season yet. Last night I watched some of it with him and it seemed pretty good.

I have to say, my favorite was when they had the all-star survivor with Boston Rob and Amber. He is slippery like a snake with a severe determination to win. Loved it when he asked her to marry him at the finale : ) They were also pretty good on Amazing Race. Damn that Rob is HOT!!!

The only other reality show I'm watching right now is American Idol. Vanessa, I can't wait for DWTS and I know Laura watches that one too!

Starchy said...

Somehow, someway, I've avoided getting sucked into The Bachelor like I usually do, but off I went to read that spoiler anyway! ha!

LOVE The Amazing Race. Love it love it love it. That theme song gets me all giddy, so I understand about the Survivor theme for you. Is whoever it is from Knoxville still on Survivor?

Which girl power team is from Louisville? Can't remember...I love the stunt guys!