Friday, February 27, 2009


I've been known to dabble in Photoshop as evidenced by the CD covers I've used for Christmas gifts over the years.

However, I'm no computer geek. And today I figured out what HTML stands for:

How To Make Laura crazy!

I've been wanting to create backgrounds for my blogs similar to those at The Cutest Blog on the Block. However, I like my three column layout, and the HTML they give you goes in a gadget rather than in your main HTML area. And that means you change your blog template to Minima - which isn't three columns!

Plus, I didn't want to use their designs because I enjoy creating the banners and backgrounds. So, I've spent a couple of days using way too many brain cells trying to figure it all out. I discovered the best feature on Blogger is being able to Preview before you save it!

I hope you like my first attempt - I'm hoping to get better the more I play around with it! Have a fun weekend!


A New England Life said...

LOL! I opened up Google Reader and the first thing I see is you with the hot hollywood guys!

Love your photoshopping and love your new page! Glad it was you who had to figure it all out and not me. Hopefully you Sourced it first.

Is your brain feeling better now?

Mikki said...

I think you're amazing!! All that html stuff is Greek to me. Your page looks great!! Think you could photoshop me into something with Hugh Jackman?

Pegasus said...

You've passed me entirely. I'm coming to you from now on!! (only kidding...I WILL try to be self sufficient!). You page looks great! :0)

Laura said...

Sure Mikki!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh my goodness! you are so wonderful! i love everything you create!
your blog looks fantastic!

Starchy said...

OMC! Where did you find that site! Off to play with my blog template...

LOVE the photos of you with the men)! Next time you see Brad and George, can you tell George I said hello?

Vanessa said...

"No one puts Baby in the corner."

I like your background!

BoogersCat said...

ROTF!!!!!!! Hilarious!!!