Monday, January 12, 2009

A Whole Lot of Hubbub!

The man in brown just delivered the free photobook that OurHubbub generously gave me! My biggest problem is not being able to spell Hubbub correctly, so I apologize to them in previous posts where I've left out one of the b's!

After my initial learning curve which is typical the first time you create something like this at a new site, I found their site fairly easy to navigate. I had some initial frustrations because I started the book before the holidays, and then didn't work on it again until this month. I switched themes and was unable to find the photos that I had already uploaded. Darcie told me there is a way, so not all my brain cells were working that day!

I like the colorful cover I chose for Newman's book! They have different design themes you can choose, but even though you've chosen a theme, you are able to select from a variety of background designs for each page.

One item that is different from the Shutterfly books I've created is the first and last page. The Shutterfly books have an opening and closing sheet of paper (black in the larger photo books, and white in the smaller ones) which I think is a nice touch. The OurHubbub book opening and closing page is printed right on the hard front/back cover. They do offer a cutout front cover where you see a picture through an opening, however, I decided to select this one for Newman.
They have an area called Stickers for decorating your pages. This includes words, as shown on the page below, Goofin Around, as well as pictures, photo corners, scrapbook elements, and shapes.

Each photo can have a Border and/or a Frame. You can size these and change their color and/or design. Even though you have selected a layout for your pictures on a page, you have the ability to move those around and also resize them - nice feature!

Here are a couple of the Scrapbook elements which I really liked. I hope they add a lot more of these! You can also add a text box anywhere on the page.

The quality of the book and pages are excellent. I would definitely try them out again in the future.

So, my final grade for OurHubbub is 4 paws out of 5! For me, improvements would be adding more background selections and some tweaking in the editing area. Give them a try the next time you plan to make a photobook!


nikkicrumpet said...

I tried doing this on another site...I got so frustrated that I gave up. I'd really like to do my whole blog into a book. But I think I need a bigger computer brain before I attempt it again. Your book turned out really beautiful!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

CuTe blog! Now off to see your other one!


A New England Life said...

You are a great critic Laura! The book appears to have come out very nice, and you had some good idea's for changes.

Love the last picture of Newman with someone holding his feet! And I like the sticker idea too, as long as they aren't going to peel off.

Very cute : )

BoogersCat said...

OMG!!! Toooooo cute!!! The book turned out so nice!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

what a great book you created!
that was a great review. we will definitely try them.
newman is so cute!
m & e

Darlene said...

That is such a great book for Newman! I know I keep telling you he is just such a gorgeous kitty!

Vanessa said...

That turned out wo cute!!! I love it!

Pegasus said...

Nice book! I like a lot of the elements you mentioned...very different from Shutterfly. Love your cover!! Sure can't do that on Shutterfly. Strange that they printed right on the inside cover, though. I will Google them and then save the site. Thanks for posting this. Newman is sure the photo ham!!

Liz said...

This is so cute and perfect!

Laura said...

Sharon - the stickers are actually printed on the paper. You select from a variety of different ones and place them wherever you want on the page.

Starchy said...

Oh wow, great book. And of course the subject couldn't be cuter!