Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Road Trip!

We enjoyed our road trip to Frankfort last Saturday, so we decided to venture out again to day to hit up Versailles and Lawrenceburg - near Lexington, Kentucky. With my internet printed list of antique stores and flea markets, we started our day full of anticipation!

As we got off the Versailles exit, our first stop was at at this candy store! Rebecca Ruth is famous for their bourbon balls and who can resist a good bourbon ball? Well, me for one. I can't stand the taste, but Ted took one of their samples.

Feeling like a kid in a candy store, we chose some other yummies to take with us.

We should have stopped our adventure and turned around right there, because it all went downhill quickly. We were using Paulina to guide us - she is my navigator in the car, and she must have been out partying late last night because she got very confused on her directions to our shopping stop. The on-line description of this antique/flea market read like this:

Be prepared to stay all day because this is one huge place!

We turned around despite her continual yelling to make a U-turn. Well, she can recalculate all she wants, we were finding this baby on our own! We found it and there wasn't a car in the lot. I guess that is because the place has been closed for who knows how long!
No worries, we still had plenty of places on the list to seek out. Next stop - downtown Versailles to another antique mall - gotta love the word mall in the name because you know it's gonna be good.

The sign in their window said they had moved . . . . . to a new location. We made our way around the corner to find out that today was moving day! Very little was set up, and we stayed about five minutes!

Onward and upward to Lawrenceburg where we passed this very cool bridge next to the Turkey Hill Distillery.

The place we wanted to visit was . . . . . you got it . . . . . . closed! We ended up at Walmart of all places! As we headed toward the bathroom, there was a guy getting ready to clean the Ladies Room. He had his closed for cleaning sign all ready to put in front of the door!

I had to laugh - WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

Despite not making it into one store that contained anything that resembled an antique - well, except maybe the guy cleaning the bathroom, we had a fun day!

Time for a piece of candy!


A New England Life said...

What a day of getting nothing accomplished! A day where nothing goes your way. Hope you and Ted and the ladies had a good laugh anyway. And some good chocolates! Bourbon balls, yuck! I'm with you Laura!

A New England Life said...

Holy Cow! $30 per pound or $2 each? My gosh, did Ted actually drive after eating that bourbon ball???

Mikki said...

Too funny. At least you can laugh about it. I think I would have told the guy at the bathroom that if he put that sign up before I had a chance to go, he'd be history, not just an antique.

Darlene said...

Oh NO...I can't believe you didn't get to browse any antique stores! I don't like bourbon balls either..YUCK!!!!

The Muse said...

LOL...Bourbon balls and driving....mmmm LOL

There's a story for you! LOL