Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Strip Tease!

I'm sure you've seen how the Nester mistreats a table in a good way! Well, I finally found the table for my craft room. However, it was mistreated in a very bad way.

So, today, I had to strip away all that nasty black paint. If you take a peek, you might be able to see what is underneath that black paint.

The Stripper is doing its business, and making my job easier!

I can't reveal the finished table yet because more work needs to be done, but let's just say I got a steal of a deal for $35 - you won't believe it when you see it!

I'm hoping to do a little good mistreating to the table before I'm done!

Friday, August 29, 2008

I've Hit 2,000!

Wow, I was excited to see that over 2,000 visitors have come to my blog since I started. Through that counter, I'm able to see how many are first time visitors and how many are returning visitors - it's running about 50-50!

Now, if more of you will leave comments, I'll know who is visiting! You don't need a blogger account to leave comments, and nothing you say will be used against you - LOL!

Thanks to everyone who stops by - I appreciate it, and I feel like I've already met some new friends who regularly leave me notes!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Storage Solution Solved!

I've been looking for two pieces of funiture for my craft room. I need something where I can store fabric and supplies, and I also need a table.

I knew exactly what I wanted, but haven't been able to find it until yesterday when I was at one of our antique/junk malls. This is a tiger oak wardrobe. However, I didn't know it was tiger oak, I just knew it was the right size for what I wanted.

The price seemed reasonable, so I asked if they would take anything off - because it doesn't hurt to ask. While the gal was checking on it, another man who has a booth there walked by and commented to a guy who works there that if noone buys that wardrobe, he wants it.

The guy pointed to me, and said I was interested in it. So, the booth guy comes over to me and says, They've got this way underpriced. This is solid tiger oak. I just smiled like I knew all about tiger oak, and thought to myself, well, if this is way underpriced, I'm trying to get it even cheaper!

The gal comes back and says the best she can do is 10% off the price because they just got the piece in. I was happy for anything off the underpriced piece! I picked it up today, and we got it as far as the hallway.

Now all I need is another strong man to help Ted carry it up the stairs because it is, after all, solid tiger oak! OMC, it looks like a mirrored coffin in this picture - I think it's just the angle!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

College Kick-Off!

Look what Ted came home with tonight! This is the first week of classes, and the College of Business had a mini carnival, free lunch, and dunk the dean party today for the students.

This cornhole game was set up, and anybody that was successful in getting the beanbag in the hole got their name put in a hat for a drawing. Ted's name was drawn as the winner!

He is going to take it to that downtown office for the CIS students to use when they need a break. For now, the three offices they have are the only ones located on that floor, and there is a long hallway perfect for playing!

For a donation that went towards scholarships, students and faculty could attempt to dunk the dean, faculty members, and staff by throwing a baseball at one of those dunking machines. The closer you stood to the machine, the more you had to donate. Ted was able to dunk one of the faculty in his department. A couple of women even got dunked!

I'm excited to show and tell tomorrow the treasure I found today for my craft room! Can you guess what I found?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Talk Eyebrows!

Go look in the mirror - is this what you see? If you answered yes, then we need to talk!

I consider myself an expert on eyebrows. After all, some teenaged girl sporting a nose ring at Thornton's checkout lane swore that I've had my eyebrows professionally done. Now, if I can impress someone with my eyebrows as I'm buying a diet Coke and a Payday candy bar, then you need to listen!

Surely, you've seen this chart before. It shows the proper placement of your eyebrow and where your arch should be located.

Let's take a look at this week's TV Guide. Oh, Ellen, what is your problem? Do you not own a $10 pair of tweezers? Are you not famous enough to get your eyebrows professionally waxed like Jennifer Aniston?

Look how much nicer that eyebrow is after a little plucking! My secret? Buy clear mascara. Use the wand to apply a small amount on your eyebrows. Then take an eyebrow brush - brush the mascara into your eyebrows using an upwards motion. Take the eyebrow comb and smooth the top of the eyebrow - from inner to outer eye.

Now, I don't care how famous you are, if you want to let someone rip the hair by the roots from your sensitive skin - either above your eyes or below your waist - that is totally up to you!

I plan to stick with my handy tweezers, and let the teenagers keep those wax girls in business. I'm sure they're getting that done while they wait for a pedicure!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cats 'n Crafts

My former guest room is one step closer to being finished! We, and I use that term loosely because I do most of the watching while Ted does the work, put the quarter round down yesterday.

Because we have another guest room, I thought this room should be for:

But, I'm hoping they will share the space with me because I need a place to do crafts and work on my cat/dog beds for my Etsy shop. I've always used the dining room table, kitchen island, kitchen table, and I can't wait to have a place where I can keep all the stuff in one place. That is Samoa, the princess diva, trying to decide if that chair would be a good nap spot!

I'm decorating the room with a lot of cat stuff I've got. This was a plaque I had given my Mom, and when going through her things, I thought I should keep it.
And no - I don't believe a word printed on it - you can have too many cats. I'm at the limit right now! Don't get me wrong, I love each one of them to pieces, but I wouldn't voluntarily have six. You do what you have to do under the circumstances!

How could you not love these faces?

And remember that white table I got at the Peddler's Mall? Here it is in the room with a cutesy lamp I found in colors to match the room.

I'm on the hunt for a worktable of some kind and/or cabinet and/or storage unit. I got inspired when I saw this table storage piece on HGTV's website. OMC (that's oh my cats to those of you not familiar with Catster lingo) - don't you love it? And don't you love HGTV?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where Did the Day Go?

Late last night I checked my Etsy store and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had my very first sale - woo hoo! So, I got it all packed and shipped it out this morning! I had to laugh that my first sale was one of the doggie beds!

After trimming back a butterfly bush that had gotten completely out of control in the front yard, and then seeing the lovely rash that it left on my arm (I've got allergies to everything outside!), we got cleaned up and went to Turkey Joe's for linner.

What's linner? That's when you've been too busy doing stuff and you forget to eat lunch, and by the time you think about it, you might as well eat dinner. We had never been here before, and it was really good! We both got turkey burgers that came with seasoned fries. I've never been a seasoned fries kind of girl because they are usually too spicy, but these were awesome!

The place had a lot of televisions tuned into different sports stations. I'm boycotting the Olympics this year, but I did take a glance at the men's kayak competition. I've never seen such a fine selection of hunkiness - there wasn't an ugly guy in the group! And their arm muscles . . . . . I'm weak in the knees just thinking about it!

Our next stop was Ted's downtown office. He had a file cabinet to take, and he wanted to add some supports to the white boards. While he was doing that, I washed the windows.

What?? Wait a minute . . . . . . I don't even wash my own windows . . . . . . what was I thinking?

Remember that arrangement I made for his office? Well, here it is! It was originally on a cute stand, but we moved the stand to another area and put a plant on it. The arrangement is now on top of the file cabinet.

I can't tell you what we saw on the way home - you'll have to check back tomorrow for Speechless Sunday. Let me just say, I'll be hearing you go Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . . .how precious!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It Can Only Mean One Thing!

Food - this was just the dessert! We had already chowed down on fried chicken, baked beans, and cole slaw!

Snacks - of course!

The Sub winning first place - a shopping trip to Kohl's!

A cute bookmark for booby prize!

A fall Welcome sign for third place!

A ceramic pumpkin for second place!

The Sub also wins the floater prize!

My Bunquette group met last night at Mary's house!

We spend so much time talking that we can never remember what number we're on. Or is that we're all getting older, and that's why we can never remember what number we're on? To confuse us even more, we played with a dummy - and I'm talking about an empty seat at the table! Plus we had a Sub - who also doubles as one of my Red Hots.

Why is it the Sub always wins?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Up to My Elbows in Etsy!

My Etsy store is finally open!

I've got cat/dog beds coming out the wazoo, so I plan to spend the day getting more of them listed in the shop. I only had time last night to list three of them.

I'm really excited to give Etsy a try. I've wanted to sell various things on Ebay for a long time, but never got the courage.

If you're not familiar with Etsy, all the items in the shops are handmade. There are so many catagories of wonderful handcrafted beauties - be sure to check 'em out. It's a great place to start your holiday shopping! Egads - can you believe Christmas is only four months away? I couldn't believe it when I recently went in Garden Ridge and saw all the Christmas trees and decorations.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

His Heart Will Go On . . . . . and On

The stress test is over!

His heart is fine!

My stress is relieved! I won't have to hire someone to cut the grass, finish the floor in the guest room, or move furniture around the next time I get a whim!

There was no real answer on what happened, and hopefully it was something that won't happen again. Now, let's get back to less stressful stuff! We're too young to be going through this crap!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doctor, Doctor

How would you like hearing these words to wake you up in the morning:

I think I'm having a heart attack!

That was what Ted said to me early this morning. I flew out of bed, and didn't know what to do first. I asked the usual - where is the pain? do you have pain in your shoulder? should I get you an aspirin? - because that is what I've always heard - get someone who is having a heart attack an aspirin. DO YOU THINK WE HAVE A STUPID ASPIRIN IN THIS HOUSE??? Advil . . . . Tylenol . . . . . Imodium . . . . . every allergy medicine known to man . . . . . . no stinkin' aspirin!

So I ditched that idea, and after seeing that he was sweating profusely, and said he felt like he was going to pass out, I called 911. They got here quickly, and determined his blood pressure was super low.

Off he went to the hospital. I was not too far behind because, of course, I've got a dog that has to go out, and cats that were screaming for their breakfast. I'm not in the mood to have someone else die on me!! So, I'm pleading with God all the way to the hospital that I can't handle another death right now, please let him be okay.

We spent the next five hours doing the ER waiting game. EKG came back normal. X-ray came back normal. Blood work - to look for some enzymes that are elevated if you have had a heart attack - normal. Another round of let's check the blood one more time. Ooops, that blood didn't work??????? Let's stick you again in another place and get more blood. That came back normal.

So, we came home. He will see a cardiologist tomorrow for a stress test - just to make sure there are no heart problems. Want to know his biggest complaint? Having to pull those electrode thingies off his chest . . . . . . his hairy chest!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Window Mistreatment Day!

While visiting the Nesting Place blog today, I noticed she was having a Window Mistreatment Party! Seeing that I had a window in desperate need of attention, I decided that I could probably mistreat a window as good as the next gal.

So, I looked into my linen closet and this quilt jumped out at me!

Because the bracket from the last set of curtains was still attached, all I had to do was open another closet, find an old shower curtain rod, and brace it between the two brackets. Folding the quilt in half, I draped it over the rod.

Voila! Instant mistreatment - it took less than 10 minutes! And check out how perfectly the colors go with my hanging hide-the-litter-box treatment!

I'm so proud, and I didn't spend a dime! I think this will get me in the Mistreatment Club - what do you think?

Let's Talk Litter Boxes!

Ask any cat owner what they dread most about owning a cat, and the litter box will be the answer! Where to put it . . . . . . how many to have . . . . . . the daily task of scooping . . . . . . . . the litter that gets tracked through the house . . . . . . . the smell . . . . . . the litter's dust . . . . . .

For those of you who are thinking of getting a cat, here is a Cat Litter Box 101 lesson from years of experience! If you can get the cat to use a covered box, it will help on keeping some of the litter in the box when they decide to dig to China.

If you buy one of those white trays from Home Depot or Lowes (that goes under a washing machine), you will have an easier time sweeping up the litter.

Clumping litter is a must - and there are many varieties. The World's Best Litter is a corn based product. Two of my cats use this litter. It doesn't seem quite as dusty to me as most clay litters. However, Samoa will not use it, so you must ask your cat what she prefers. Believe me, they will have an opinion, and you will listen!

A cat's favorite time to use the litter box is right after you've spent time cleaning it out. They like to keep you employed! Having six cats requires a lot of clean up time. Therefore, I decided to splurge (and I'm talking I could have bought a nice chair for less!) and get The Best Invention Ever Known to Womankind!

Meet the Litter-Robot. After a cat pees in this box, you will fall in love! I'm not kidding! It is an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. If you remember I told you to ask your cat what kind of litter they like . . . . . . well, you need to talk nicely to your cats to get them to use this box.

Right now, I only have one cat who will use this robot. Calvin - 17 years old - and the last one that I thought would ever get in this box has his very own, very expensive toilet. Don't worry, the others will use this box, or I'll die trying to get them to use it!

Why don't they all use it? Well, seven minutes after a cat gets out of the robot, it rotates and dumps the waste into a bag-lined drawer in the bottom. One of my cats is terrified that it will rotate when he is in it. That can't happen, but convincing a cat is like convincing a two year old - I'm just sayin' - I've never had a two year old, but I'm 98% sure it's the same!

I'd like to leave you today with my attempt at disguising litter boxes. I'm converting one of my guest rooms into a craft room/cat room. Even though you have to look into the room to see the litter boxes, I wanted to hide them.

At first I thought about using shutters and making a foldable screen. But then my husband came up with the great idea of hanging something from the ceiling. Want to know that that is a brilliant idea? Because when you have to Swiffer the floor, you don't have to move anything! He didn't get his Ph.D. for nothing!

Yeah, I don't have a window treatment up yet, and the quarter round still hasn't been put down, but dang, isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen to hide litter boxes?

It almost makes you want to go out and get a cat!