Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leaving On a Jet Plane!

Tomorrow we leave for Seattle to board Holland America's Amsterdam traveling to Alaksa! This is Ted's first cruise, and only my second. My first cruise was last October with my Red Hot friends.

Our first day is at sea - hoping the waters are calm as I get motion sickness! I've packed the dramamine and ginger pills!

Then we arrive in Juneau where we will go on a whale watching quest, view Mendenhall Glacier, and have a salmon bake!

The following day is cruising Glacier Bay - we got a verandah room with a balcony so we could enjoy the view!

We arrive in Sitka the next day where we will go on a sea otter and wildlife quest.

Day six finds us in Ketchikan where we will bravely go where we have never gone before - into the rain forest canopy on a zipline expedition. Or as Jenn has so nicely pointed out, the death slide!

Our last evening is in Victoria, Canada, and then back to Seattle for the ride home! I hope to bring back lots of pictures to share! If the internet cafe isn't too expensive, I might be able to do a couple of updates along the way!

Bon voyage . . . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garden of Weedin'

Our house sits on a couple of acres, most of which is wooded. One of my jobs is to cut the very back part of our property. It's a a tough job using a riding lawn mower, but somebody's got to do it! I look forward to it because it is relaxing, and I can cut different patterns in the grass each time - wow, doesn't my life sound exciting?

So, last night as I rode around, I looked over at our pitiful garden and surrounding flower beds which were nothing but weeds and catnip! Because we spent so much time this spring fixing up my parents' house, a lot of things got neglected around here - including the garden!

However, the blackberry bushes are doing great! They are thornless bushes that a friend gave me several years ago. At the end of the season, you cut back the branches that bore fruit, and then those branches will give you fruit two seasons later. Ted has entered the blackberries in the state fair several times, and he even won a 3rd place ribbon one year!

After finishing up the yard, I went back down to pick some blackberries. I cleaned a couple and popped them in my mouth - they are super duper sour - definitely better in a cobbler or over ice cream. I had a handful on my cereal this morning - YUMMY!

This is Violet photobombing the picture!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wrinkle Free!

Wouldn't life be great without wrinkles? Seriously, when are wrinkles good except maybe on babies and Sharpei dogs!

I'm an iron-as-you-go type of gal. Who wants to spend hours one day each week ironing, when you can iron what you're going to wear right before you wear it!

And who looks like this Mary Tyler Moore girl when they iron? Probably some 23 year old who just got married and thinks ironing is fun! Boy, does she have a lot to learn!

So, I'm leaving on Friday for vacation - we're going on an Alaskan cruise. And one of the stupid rules on the cruiseship is NO IRONS! Isn't that illegal? What am I supposed to do with a travel iron if I can't travel with it?

Haven't those cruiseship rule makers seen what happens to clothes in a suitcase? So, I'll spend all day ironing my clothes, ironing Ted's clothes, and we'll still end up walking around in wrinkles all week!

This gal has the right idea on ironing! Turn it into a surfboard, and go to the beach! You don't have to worry about wrinkled clothes when you're in a bathing suit - just a wrinkled body!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Time to Remember

Today would have been my parents' 53rd anniversary. They were married in Louisville in an unairconditioned church on what Dad said was the hottest day of the year! I think they both weighed 95 pounds on their wedding day!

Mom only had to spend one anniversary without Dad. I know that was a difficult day for her last year. She missed him so much, and he adored her like you wouldn't believe! It has been such an emotionally difficult year and a half for me. It's hard to believe they are no longer around, and I miss them.

Do you ever remember seeing those little keychains that had a kleidoscope like thing attached to it? You would hold it up to the light, look inside and see a photo. Mom had two of those and inside were pictures of their honeymoon in Florida!

We had a party for their 50th anniversary. I took that 1 inch by 1 inch photo and had it blown up. I cleaned up some of the scratches in photoshop and had the pictures framed. Here is one of them - I love it!

Happy 13th birthday today to Spunky! He was one of Mom's cats that I inherited when she passed away last August. His cancer which caused an eye to be removed two years ago has returned. I'm not sure how long he will be with us, but he gets lots of love and attention every day! Spunky can't wait until you sit down so he can jump in your lap and settle down for some snooze time

He is super healthy except for that dang cancer. He has had two chemo treatments to slow down the growth of the tumor. He is quite a trooper, and I love him to pieces!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I went to Garden Ridge today to get an artificial ficus tree or something similar for Ted's new office space. They used to sell those trees for less than $20. Well, not anymore! The cheapest tree was around $50. So, I went to the garden section and got this dark brown metal pot - half price! Then I found the bundle of dry stuff for $15, and a bag of spanish moss for $2.

I knew it would be too low if it sat on the floor, so I found that metal stand in the garden section - also on sale! The pot fit exactly over the tile mosiac top. I think it will nicely fill up one corner of his office.

Happy 17th birthday today to my cutie Calvin! He is the most precious cat, and I spoil him rotten!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Helping Hubby!

My hubby is on the faculty at the U of L in the Computer Information Systems department. He is taking on a new role as the director of a center that will help non-profit organizations in the Louisville area. For several years, the senior project class he teaches has been helping small companies with various IT problems. This will continue but in a different format than in the past.

A prominent local corporation is funding the new center, and it will be located in the downtown area. Today was go down to the new offices and clean up the furniture that was delivered day. Guess who was in charge of cleaning? I'll give you one guess - three men, one woman - go ahead, take a guess!

There are three offices - one for Ted, one for the students, and a conference room. Here is Ted in his office. That is the cleanest the desk will ever be. Believe me, I've seen what this man can do to a desk, and it is frightening! His vertical filing system would make any admin assistant cry. Believe me, I've been an admin assistant, and it makes me cry!

The next picture is the students' office. Those two guys with Ted are Pat and Barry - his student assistants. They are the tech geeks who will make a gazillion dollars when they graduate and will retire at age 50 to some tropical island.

Did you notice the tables don't match? There wasn't money in the budget for furniture, so all this stuff came from the salvage department at U of L. The students won't care - most of them are male. They probably didn't care that I wiped off two inches of grime from the table tops!

I'm only allowed to do my decorating magic in Ted's office - notice I already had two pictures ready to go! They're doing a dog theme - don't ask - it's more techno geek stuff that you wouldn't understand unless you're a techno geek! If you're reading this blog, I'm betting you're not a techno geek! The students will have boring things like white boards on the wall. I'm sure they don't want it trimmed in ribbon, so I'll just stay out of that space!

I'll update you with new pictures once I've done some magic!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I got a pedicure yesterday. It's #2 behind getting my hair cut for the best way to feel like a new woman! I got my hair cut this week too, so I'm feeling super new!

So, I took my newly cut and polished self to Walmart. I needed to buy a couple of cards, and I wandered into the craft department. Always low prices show up on the endcap of an aisle. I'm sifting through a bunch of wedding scrapbook stuff and wishing I knew someone who was getting married so I could call them and tell them to get to Walmart ASAP when I looked at this hanging on a peg!

It had me at Fiskars! It had me at Fiskars! And look at the price! Only $5?? How could I pass it up? A three piece eyelet setter set from Fiskars for only $5! And it says you can punch holes and set eyelets with the same tool, no hammer required!

Later that night, I showed Ted my new purchase. He said, what are you going to do with that? Men! What am I going to do with that? I have no idea, but I've never had one, always wanted one, and got one for only $5 - actually got three for $5!

I'll figure out what I'm going to do with it later. I'm sure I can find some gal's blog who makes a gazillion things using her eyelet setter set!

P.S. Happy 50th Birthday, Judy! You make 50 look fabulous!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Project Runway is back - woo hoo! I got hooked on this show last year, and season 5 starts tonight on Bravo! I see Nina Garcia is pictured here. She got the boot from Elle Magazine, so I wasn't sure if she would be judging again on the show.

If you've never seen this show, you need to watch it! As Heidi would say, you're either in . . . . . or your owt!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Angelina's Not the Only One!

Look who else had twins this year besides Angelina and Brad! I was at the vet this morning with Spunky. When I called Ted, he said to check my camera when I got home. This was the surprise I found waiting. We've been watching them run across the backyard almost every day. Too precious!

Now, I wonder if anyone would pay me $11 million for these twins? I'd donate some of it to charity - any takers?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello Kitty!

Sue is one of my old college friends - I've known her a long time, and she got older over the weekend. We went to Panera for lunch today to celebrate both our birthdays. She gave me this very pretty, sparkly Hello Kitty necklace and earrings! And don't you love the cute gift bag too? You can never have enough cute gift bags - or cute jewelry!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You Can Do It, We Can Help!

Hmmmmm, I didn't see one Home Depot guy around here helping today! The catch-phrase of the day is . . . . . . . . measure twice, cut once!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Feeling Crafty

I've been inspired by the craft blogs I have visited the past couple of weeks. There are some very talented women doing amazing projects!

I like to dabble in different types of crafts, and recently I've made fleece beds for my cats and as gifts for friends' cats. So, I decided to make a few beds and open a store at Etsy!

If you are not familiar with Etsy, you need to check it out. It is the place to buy and sell handmade items. It's a great place to start your Christmas shopping!

I'll let you know when I have my Etsy store up and running!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Mastercard Moment

Childhood home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Since 1965

Both parents pass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . In 2007

Sorting, emptying, selling, donating,
planning, demolishing, measuring, cutting,
cussing, restoring, cleaning, repairing, hammering,
reminiscing, crying, painting, preparing
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . for the past 9 months

Sold after 10 days on the market . . . . . . . Priceless!

We finally closed on my parents' home this afternoon. It's difficult to describe the feeling . . . .

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons . . . . .

One and a half hours before we were to close on my parents' house, and I get a call from my realtor saying that it isn't going to happen today!

I feel like I've been waiting weeks to get this closing behind us. What happened? Well, somebody somewhere didn't do their job, and of course, won't get in trouble for it, and the rest of us have to suffer the consequences.

Lemonade party at my house . . . . . . . . . . .

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My Mom was the type that got rid of the good stuff (my Brownie uniform - given to a neighbor!), and kept the stuff that didn't really mean anything to anyone!

Several years ago, I decided to track down two of my favorite books from childhood that had been given away. I had these books memorized, and you'll notice that both books involved dress-up and animals. Hmmmm, a look into my future, perhaps?

The first book was My Dolly and Me. I loved the illustrations by Eloise Wilkins! I found it on Ebay and paid way more than the 25 cent price on the cover! What a nice surprise last weekend at the Peddler's Mall when I saw the Little Golden Book called The Little Book. One look at the cover, and I knew it was illustrated by Eloise Wilkins. I had previously found another book illustrated by her, so I've started a small collection!

My second favorite book was Henry Goes to a Party. Henry was a cartoon character from the newspaper. The yellow book was the one I had and I was able to find one on Ebay, but it is not in the best shape.

Guess where I found the green version? Yep, at that Peddler's Mall last weekend! It is in great condition, and I was so surprised to see that it included more storyline than the yellow book! Below you will see Henry getting ready for the party - those pages and a few more were never in my original.

Somehow, I feel more complete now that those books are in my life again! Funny how something so silly when you are little becomes more important when you get older!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Finders Keepers!

Yesterday we went to the Peddler's Mall - a furniture store that went out of business and was converted into a flea market mall where individuals have booths with good junk for sale!

I fell in love with these tables and the wooden cat! The white table is solid oak - an antique when you look at the underneath side. The yellow table appears to be walnut and also old, based on the brackets underneath the table. I think the side cutouts on the yellow table give it some character! Both tables have been painted and given that distressed country look.

The price was right ($25 white, $35 yellow) based on other tables I saw at the mall - most of which were wobbly and ugly - so I couldn't pass them by! I plan to put them in the room we are currently refinishing which will end up being more of a cats' room than a guest room.

So, naturally, the wooden cat had to come home too! He was only $11, and I think he'll fit in nicely with the rest of the cats in this house! As a bonus, he doesn't require food, water, or litter!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

How To Spend a Saturday Afternoon!

If there is one project around the house that gets put on the bottom of Ted's To Do List, it would be anything involved with plumbing!

Yesterday, he worked on a slow draining kitchen sink. It went quickly and successfully, so today he attempted the dreaded repair of two toilets!

One and a half hours in, and he is still working on toilet #1. Another trip to Home Depot will be in the works before it gets finished due to the handle breaking. Toilet #2 requires a simple fix - if you can use the word simple and plumbing in the same sentence.

For any new wives reading this, you should spend your afternoon shopping. Stay as far away from the project as possible!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Not only is today America's birthday, Violet celebrates his 9th birthday! He has very generous friends, and he received some cool toys, treats, and a neat football bed. The life of a cat is pretty good - especially if you live in this house!

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure!

Cinnamon Stick - 20B - Non-permanent

I know mine by the color. I have a girlfriend who knows hers by the girl on the box!

When I was growing up, I'd watch my Mom color her hair in the kitchen sink. Her generation didn't like taking showers, so all hair washing and coloring was done at the kitchen sink. I remember thinking that I would never do something like that to my hair. Well, we all grow up, don't we?

After reaching the point a few years ago where there were too many to pluck out, I took the brave step of coloring my own hair. You're probably wondering why I didn't let my hairdresser do it for me. Did you notice under the picture it says, non-permanent? I haven't really started coloring my hair yet, because in my mind that only happens when you use the permanent color!

So, I've become my mother. Except I don't use the kitchen sink! I have found the perfect color because even my own Mom last year said to me, I didn't know you colored your hair!

It's amazing what spending 20 minutes every month can do to boost your spirits! I'm going to continue to wash that gray right out of my hair until I reach the next stage where you don't care that you're totally gray.

I hope I never reach that next stage . . . . . . .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Five Days Later

The best laid plans . . . . . . I knew I'd never get two rooms painted in one weekend! So, today I'm painting in the guest bathroom. And I have a helper! This is Violet - our talker. He came in to check everything out, and to tell me I was doing a good job.

Cats don't know wet paint, and they don't really care. I finally had to get him out of the room and close the door. Sometimes it's better to do a job by yourself!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You Know You're Getting Old

Summer fun in 1965!
My neighbor's kids having fun today!