Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa Gave Me Confidence!

When I sat on Santa's lap this year and he asked me if I had been a good girl, he then said, would you like a sewing machine for Christmas?

Wow! I sure would Santa! The last and only time I got a sewing machine, I had straight parted-down-the middle hair that came to my waist! I haven't had that hair in thirty-two years, so you can tell the age of my trusty Sears Kenmore.

I spent the morning ooohing and aaahing at all the automatic stuff and building my confidence that I can handle the Singer! The best feature has to be the helpful little dude that threads the needle for you. Where has he been for the past several years? I'm going to name him Ned.

Santa gave me other fun things, but I especially love this new camera strap cover that hides the ugly black one that comes on all cameras! Santa got it at this Etsy shop - Silly Jilly Boutique!

And it looks like I'll be getting another Christmas present today because my car's battery is dead! Don't you love those kinds of presents?


Vanessa said...

Sears Kenmore?? I have one of those that my Grandma gave me. Glad that Santa gave you an upgrade!

Darn battery.

PS, I'm going to see Maksim tomorrow night LIVE!!! I'll take lots of pics just for you!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oooooo! your new sewing machine is wonderful!
i am so excited for you!

nikkicrumpet said...

WOO HOO great you're gonna have to show off all the stuff you make on that baby!

Pegasus said...

Congrats on the new machine!! I hear you as mine is probably as old as yours was. I got mine in college...I haven't done the math yet...I don't want to. LOL. I know you'll have the new one humming along in no time!

The Muse said... have been NICE :)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Awesome! I l♥ve your background! Great post! Come see the pictures I just posted on my blog :) Happy New Year 2009! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna

BoogersCat said...

Oh a car battery! I'm jealous! :) Nice sewing machine!

A New England Life said...

Oh Laura, I remember when we talked about sewing machines several months back. I'm so happy you received a new one for Christmas! I know you'll get plenty of use out of it! That Santa ... he's so darned smart.

I think Santa should just ditch the battery and buy you a new car ; ) Now that's what I would call Happy Holidays! lol!


sillygrrl said...

I got a sewing machine from Santa too! And mine is a Sears Kenmore! How cool!