Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Pearly Mistletoe

Sweet emblem of returning peace,
the heart's full gush and love's release,
Spirits in human fondness flow and greet the pearly mistletoe.
Oh! Happy tricksome time of mirth,
giv'n to the stars of sky and earth!
May all the best of feeling know,
the custom of the mistletoe.
Married and single, proud and free,
yield to the season, trim with glee:
Time will not stay ... he cheats us so ... A kiss? ... 'tis gone ... the mistletoe.
~December 1826 ~

Mistletoe . . . . . . the Indians believed it cured toothaches and dog bites.
Mistletoe . . . . . . the Druids believed it could perform miracles.
Mistletoe . . . . . . the Greeks believed it had the power of bestowing fertility.

This is my mistletoe hanging in the front hallway. It is plastic, old, and the berries are yellowing. That is because this mistletoe hung in my parents' hallway for 42 years . . . . . every day for 42 years . . . . . . year-round mistletoe . . . . . . an opportunity for my Dad to give a smooch on the cheek to any woman who came in the house and stood under the mistletoe!

It was with much sadness and tears when I removed that mistletoe this past spring. Ted and I kissed one final time under it before it was cut down.

And now it hangs in my hallway . . . . . . only for the holidays. I want the joy of taking it out of the Christmas box each year, and remembering my silly Dad standing there waiting for someone to kiss him, and my Mom rolling her eyes.

Do you have mistletoe hanging in your house? Remember, the custom is to pluck a berry every time a kiss is stolen beneath the kissing bough. Once the berries are gone, the kissing is over! I guess that is why my Dad used the plastic kind!

And also remember that real mistletoe, poinsettias, holly, amaryllis, Christmas cactus, and potpourri are all poisonous if eaten - so keep them away from young children and pets!

Kiss, Kiss ~


Findlay Furs said...

I love this post Laura!
Made me tear up, it cheered me up to. Thanks for sharing...

Darlene said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments!

Oh, I must say I am a huge fan of Donny Osmond. I LOVED him while I was growing up. My mom even took myself and several friends to a concert once....oh, what memories.....

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura
what a beautiful post. i love all of your wonderful family traditions and that you share them with us.

Mikki said...

Such a sweet, touching post. I got a little misty myself. I think that's a lovely idea, to take it out every Christmas and remember your dad.

Emily said...

I found some real mistletoe while we were out walking the other day, but I left it alone because those boys of mine, I have caught them chewing on the strangest things. They are worse than pets I tell ya... so I need to find some artificial mistletoe, and I absolutely adore yours. Even if the berries are yellow.

Liz said...

42 years? That is so sweet Laura. Your parents must have been very loving people! :)