Saturday, December 13, 2008

Elfin Magic!

I love a good Elf! Maybe because they aren't always what you see when you go to the craft shows. I love snowmen too because you can leave them out longer than the Santas, but there is something adorable about most elves!

Somewhere in my stash of Christmas goodies is a really old elf that has long arms that tuck around his long bent legs. I think he started my love affair with cute elves.

I found this elf a few years ago at the Ballard craft show. I also got the Santa (from yesterday's entry) from the same gal. She crafts beautifully creative items, and I 'm glad I got them when I did because she hasn't had a booth since I bought them.

I have him hanging on the wall in the dining room - because he is a formal elf, and dining rooms are formal. Oh, I guess that makes the piles of fleece and other craft projects on the dining room table formal too!

Hmmm, I haven't given him a name. Any suggestions?


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh he is wonderful. melanie has an elf doll that she named mr. jingle toes. i have always liked that name.
does he have jingle bells on his toes?

Nancy and the fatties said...

I'm glad he is a good elf Laura, and a formal one, too, as opposed to those informal rude elves. hee hee. Melissa, Mister Jingle Toes is such a cute name. Your sister is just as creative as you are.
holiday hugs to you both...

nikkicrumpet said...

OH MY...he is totally adorable. I'm loving his ears. He is a very elegant elf and he needs an elegant name. Jingle toes is very cute...but how about The Earl of Jingle toes...or Baron von jingle toes...sounds a bit more posh lol

Mikki said...

He is adorable.
I like the name Bernard for an elf.
But I must say, I really do like Baron von jingle toes. :o)