Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

The road trip was cancelled! Due to a




coming from our bedroom ceiling! A drip that originated from the attic which originated from the chimney area of the roof which happened after said roof had been fixed last May!

I'm glad I hadn't gotten around to getting the stained ceiling repaired and repainted because now it is even worse!

And just why in the world are roofers not working the day after Christmas? How dare they take a holiday! So, the guys who fixed the roof last May are coming out on Monday to re-fix whatever didn't take last time.

It's one of those drips that runs along the beams in the attic - nothing you can put a bucket under. And more rain is expected this weekend.

An attempt to get the Ohio relatives (there are only two of them!) to come here didn't fly, so we met them today in West Virginia (half way spot) to have lunch and exchange gifts. Not exactly the Christmas that Ted's Mom was hoping for, but her idea of Christmas is the way they celebrated as a family back in the 60's. Getting an older person out of a time warp isn't easy - believe me, I've tried!

We had an enjoyable visit, and the 70+ degree temperature made it a nice day for being on the road . . . . . . . . and even more enjoyable without a five month old kitten tagging along!


Vanessa said...

Dang it! What a bummer! I hate when things come up and you can't do something you have been planning!

Hope you get that fixed the RIGHT way this time!

Vanessa said...

PS, love the new background!

A New England Life said...

I'm glad you were able to stay home Laura. All your babies would have missed you terribly, especially Rocky who has to go to the kennel.

You've outdone yourself again. Love your blog! It's just beautiful. The pictures of you when you were little are so adorable.


Starchy said...

Oh no! What a drip!

Sorry 'bout the road trip, but at least it got you back on the blog sooner! :) Love the Travlin Cat litter! hahahaha

Pegasus said...

sorry about your roof and your canceled trip! I'd love to pick your brain about perking up my blog too! Yours looks great!!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh i love your new blog theme!
i am so sorry your trip was changed. i know you were looking forward to it. it sounds like you had a nice family meet up!


Marvin Mills said...

Must have been really tough for you to have such an inconvenient dripping on an important day like that. I'm actually looking for stuff about how building your own house when I got here. At this point, the roof is one thing I'm really trying to find out how to start. You just gotta hate the drips and leaks.