Monday, November 3, 2008

She Works Hard for No Money!

At this time of year, we spend at least one of the weekend days working in the yard raking leaves. A lot of our property is wooded, so our backyard gets a ton of leaves. Luckily, we live out in the country, so we can burn them which is so much quicker than having to bag them!

I know Martha Stewart probably took care of her hostas at least a month ago, but it is always the last project in the yard. I'm usually out there cutting them back and cleaning up the flower beds while wearing a winter coat! Not today - it felt like it was 80 degrees, and I had on shorts and a t-shirt.

I always dread this job because I'm not sure what I'm going to find hiding in the hostas - a snake perhaps? A mouse? A mole? Nope - just a dead bird!

We have a lot of shade, so we can grow hostas! And they divide nicely, so I have them all over the place. I dragged, drug, pulled about six tarps down to our fire circle.

We also have a lot of debris - sticks, small downed trees - from the hurricane that blew through Kentucky. The fire circle was full!

Now, you can't leave it there because if it rains and gets wet, it is difficult to burn. Plus, turtles and nice creatures make a home in the mess, and you don't want to be catching them on fire.

I had a good one going - all that smoke is from the hostas not being totally dried out. Right behind the fire circle was the prettiest pink tree! We finally got a small frost last week, so the trees have been much prettier the past few days.

I spent about four hours working outside! It was a gorgeous day, and it felt good to get all that done!

I had a helper too! I'm glad he wasn't paying too much attention when I found that dead bird.

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A New England Life said...

Rocky looks like a good helper! hee hee ...

You just reminded me that I should do the same thing, cut down all the Hosta's. Usually Brent does it but since I'm out of work, and we're having good weather, I should haul my fanny out there and make myself useful.

Can't say we've ever found anything under the Hosta's before. That bird looks pretty fresh. Poor guy : (

(Can you tell I'm trying to catch up on my blogging?)