Thursday, November 27, 2008

Remembering Thanksgiving ~

As I look at the pictures in my November banner, and really don't remember that Thanksgiving, it cracks me up how dressed up we got that year. And how my Dad is looking at the turkey like he is waiting for it to get up and talk to him! And how my Aunt Laura is standing there with her perfect little apron, and how she, too, is waiting for that bird to do something!

Ted and I celebrate Thanksgiving by ourselves today. His Mom and brother are in Ohio, and rarely come here for Thanksgiving.

While listening to the Macy's parade and working in the kitchen, I reflect back on the Thanksgivings of my past, and the many friends who were like family that celebrated with us:

The years that Verna brought custard pies because we didn't have the heart to tell her we hated those pies. And she always brought two, and we always said we were too full to eat dessert.

The year the disposal backed up - what a mess!

Every year when Dad acted like he was a surgeon when he stuffed and sewed up the bird.

The year everything had raisins in it - the salad, the stuffing, the dessert.

The year the turkey got cooked upside down in the pan.

All the nameplace holders I made - every year trying to come up with a different one.

The year Mrs. Turner came and wore her hat and gloves throughout the entire meal.

The year I didn't come home, and we spent Thanksgiving in Sedona with friends. The previous week we had gotten engaged.

The year Ted and I went to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving, and swore it was the best Thanksgiving we had ever had.

The year we had Thanksgiving in our Tucson townhouse with the McEvoys and Cecilia.

When the Thanksgiving hosting officially was turned over from Mom's house to my house.

Meeting Dad halfway so he could pass off the turkey and we could cook it at our house. He insisted on buying the turkey even though we were hosting the dinner.

Remembering with love Verna and Ed, Laura and Johnny, Phyllis, Mrs. Turner, Ted Sr., Mom, and Dad and hoping you're all enjoying the big feast in heaven today.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

happy thanksgiving laura!
m & e

Pegasus said...

Man, what a tear jerker!! Hope you enjoy! Savor those memories.
Happy Turkey Day to you and Ted!

A New England Life said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day Laura!

My what a diverse collection of Thanksgiving Days you've had. So glad you have wonderful memories to go with them : )

Verna's pies sound like my sister in-laws Banana Creme pie. Yikes! My mom always has a small piece just to make her feel good, but it look horrid! lol! This year was no exception.

I wish you could be with your parents this year, but I'm glad you and Ted have one another and I hope you enjoyed the day together : )

On to Christmas!

in time out said...

memories are where it is at. thanks for sharing. and now...

♥happy turkey recovery day♥

Mikki said...

What a beautiful post Laura!! I wish I had read it Thursday. But, I'm glad I read it today.
What wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing some of them!!
Hope you had a beautiful day.