Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Twins

The Keith twins - as they were known in their day - would have been 77 today.

The one on the left would be Phyllis - Foo-Foo to me, (or Foof when I got older) because I couldn't say Phyllis. The single gal who reminded me of Mary Tyler Moore. The single gal who lived in New York City and rode on the subway and went to plays and travelled to Europe and Australia. The gal who didn't get married until she was 50, who was like a second mother to me, who was passionate about animals and had nice fingernails.

The one on the right would be Arlene - Mom to me (or Mother when I was mad). The gal who seemed to know everybody and had tons of trivia in her head. Who taught me to love animals, and shoes, and broke up the arguments between Dad and me. The gal who fought breast cancer, and ovarian cancer, and breast cancer again. The gal who never got over her sister's death.

Mom is on the left in this picture. She was famous for writing on the back of photos and giving her opinion of the picture. She hated this picture because she thought it made her look pregnant! Usually a picture like this would have a hole in it - where she would cut out the face if she didn't like it.

I hope they're having a party today in heaven, and knowing how much I miss them both.


Vanessa said...

Love the pictures!

and ps, my mom is a twin, too!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura
oh what wonderful pictures and stories of your mom and aunt. you are a talented writer. i feel like a know them a bit through you.

Sandy said...

Happy birthday to them both. It sounds as if they both lived their dreams and how many of us can say that?

Liz said...

What precious photos. I hope someone remembers my sisters and me this way someday.

Liz said...

What precious photos. I hope someone remembers my sisters and me this way someday.

A New England Life said...

Laura, I too hope they are together and enjoying the day : )

What great women. Both of them with such personality and a lust for life! Smart too, just like you. Considering how tiny your mom was, it's no wonder she thought the dress made her look pregnant! lol!

Happy Birthday ladies!

Mikki said...

I'm sure they are together. THey're probably hanging around making funny faces at you too.
Sweet post.

Doreen said...

Happy Birthday Ladies


Nancy and the fatties said...

I bet they are giggling together over your blog, Laura, and critiquing their dresses all over again. They look like beautiful barbie dolls - I bet people stopped in their tracks when they were together. What a sight!
hugs to you

Starchy said...

What cool pictures! She didn't get married until she was 50? Maybe there's hope for me yet!