Friday, November 28, 2008

Expect Great Things

I went to Kohl's today. Not at 4 a.m. Why go at 4 a.m. when you can still be an earlybird until 1 p.m.?

I went with friends because husbands should never go to Kohl's the day after Thanksgiving and witness what I saw there.

I don't need to experience Super Saturday tomorrow at Kohl's because I experienced Freaky Friday at Kohl's today!

You would never know the economy is hurting if you saw the looooooong lines of people at the checkout!

We also went to JoAnn Fabrics - oh my cats, were they having an awesome sale on fleece! I stocked up on some very cool patterns for beds in my Etsy shop. I've got plenty to keep me busy for the next few weeks!


nikkicrumpet said...

Those sales after Thanksgiving make people INSANE. I think I'll stick to online shopping lol. I'm Glad you found some good stuff! Now take the rest of the weekend to relax....wouldn't that be nice hehe

Barb said...

Thanks for planning breakfast. We hit crowds too, at Macys but probably not as bad as yours.I love your Xmas banner.

Nancy and the fatties said...

You are a brave soul, Laura, even going mid-day. I remember standing in a line at Kohls on Black Friday last year that stretched to the back of the store!

A New England Life said...

I was a late bird. hee hee ... I didn't go anywhere near the mall until last night when I had to take Elise and a friend to see a movie. By then things had calmed down significantly. Best Buy was still kind of crazy though.

Hope you found some great bargins Laura!

Love, love, love your header and your page! Everything is so pretty! Makes me long for my 3 column blog again ... almost. The pictures of you are so adorable! The red dress and bobby socks are too cute.

Happy Holidays, Laura : )

Mikki said...

I didn't even venture out yesterday for those sales!!

Hope you got some great deals!

Saucy said...


You won a pair of the iPod earrings on my blog! My email address is in my sidebar so shoot me your mailing address so I can get them off to you! Congrats and thanks for reading and commenting!