Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Cutest Trick-or-Treaters!

Enjoy seeing some of the approximately 50 kids that stopped by last night for trick-or-treat!

This tiny tot was my favorite of the night - don't you want to kiss those cute cheeks?

Of course, all the older kids came after dark - they stand there looking at you. They don't say trick-or-treat, they don't say thank-you-very-much! I always yell out as they leave, you're welcome!

And you won't believe the highlight of the night - a headless horseman on a white horse with a flowing cape riding through the neighborhood! He was too far away to get a picture. Did you have anything cool like that?


Mikki said...

Cute little trick*or*treaters!!!
The headless horseman sounds awesome.
Nope nothing like that around here. Oh well!

Jenn: said...

You look fantastic, Laura!
I saw mostly pirates and Ariel Mermaids.
Only the Spanish said thankyou as you could tell they were trained to say "trick or treat" then "Thank you" then run to the next house.
The girl I was working with giving out candy actualy stopped the older kids and would not let them have candy unless they said "trick or treat". She scared most of them away!!! hehe!

A New England Life said...

Nothing cool here like a headless horseman! You live in a great neighborhood Laura! All the kids will remember you as they get older as the lady who dressed up to give out candy ; )

I don't know why kids don't say Trick or Treat. I thought I taught my kids to say it and I hope they always did, but I know what you mean. Sometimes I open the door, look at the kids and say "Yes?" and then they'll say the magic words.

We didn't have any older kids this year, which is unusual. My older daughter came home from work at 5:30 and wanted to go Trick or Treating with her friends (all 15 and 16 years old). I told her if you have a job you shouldn't be Trick or Treating! LOL! Somehow she didn't buy it.

Love all the pictures! Such little cuties : )

A New England Life said...

For goodness sakes I almost forgot ... I love your new header! The pictures are wonderful and you look like such a happy little girl. Who is the woman on the right?

Laura said...

Sharon - doesn't that picture of my Dad staring at the turkey crack you up? Was he waiting for it to jump up and run off the plate? The older lady is my Aunt Laura - a non-blood relative who was "aunt" to my Mom and more of a grandmother figure to me!

Vanessa said...

Very cute kiddo's!

I'm the same way! "Hey kid! How do you ask for the candy? And what do you say once I give it to you?"