Friday, October 17, 2008

Neighborhood Spooks!

For the past few years, our neighborhood of about 70 homes participates in a little spookiness! Last year we got Ghosted! This year (last night) we got Spooked!

The doorbell rang, but when I looked outside, no one was there! Sitting on the front porch was a bag of goodies and three pieces of paper. The first piece of paper had three ghosts drawn on it with the word Spooked! The second had this poem:

The air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all,
Enjoy this treat, and have fun, too!
Spook someone else, like we've Spooked you.
Give something sweet or cute or shrewd
To help us spread the festive mood!
Be cool, have fun - but don't be seen . . . . .
While you share the Spirit of Halloween!

The last piece of paper had these instructions:

You have been Spooked! Please keep it going by following these directions:

1. Enjoy your treat.

2. Place the Spooked! sign (the one with the ghosts) someplace visible, like your front door or window.

3. Make 2 copies of the sign, poem, and note, and make 2 treat bags.

4. Secretly deliver to 2 neighbors who haven't been Spooked!

5. Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast it spreads by Halloween!

I've got my bags made up, and as soon as it gets dark, I'm off to spook some neighbors!


A New England Life said...

Well this ought to be interesting ... you running around the neighborhood at night, ringing doorbells and running. I'd almost pay to see that one! lol!

Mikki said...

Love it. I love stuff like this--Secret Santas at Christmas time.
We got hit with something like that a few years ago. Maybe I'll take your fun and run with it in my neighborhood too!

Doreen said...

Cool What a great idea. Do you have any idea who spooked ya? This is just up your alley except you don't have an alley. hahaha