Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor?

You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family . . . . . or your neighbors! We live in a court with three other neighbors. For the most part, they are all very nice. But you know that can't last forever!

Most of us have a couple of acres with the back part of our properties being wooded. Yesterday I was cleaning up more branches and junk from hurricane Ike that blew through here a couple of weeks ago. Here is our fire pit. We are going to have the biggest bonfire in Kentucky sometime in October!

So, I'm walking in the area we call the meadow, and I see something attached to one of our peach trees. Hmmm, I wonder what that contraption is for?

Upon closer examination, I realize that this is a deer feeder. You put corn in the top and fill up the PVC pipe.

Now here is where the neighbor part comes in. My neighbor likes to kill things. Deer must be his top priority, and yes, he practices using a box and a bow and arrow in his side yard. OH MY CATS, you read that right - he uses a bow and arrow - in a neighborhood????? And he has two small boys about 3 and 5 years old!

Is the guy insane? Oh, I'm sure he knows that the boys are inside before he practices, but do you think that maybe he might miss that box target some day, and that arrow will go swooshing through the woods and hit something that might be breathing - like me picking up sticks!

I'm not a fan of deer hunters. I'm sorry if that offends anyone reading this, and don't give me the crap about having to thin the population. I've heard it all before - my brother-in-law shoots them . . . . . and bear . . . . . . and a mountain goat minding his own business. I shoot them too - but with my camera! I don't understand the mentality of wanting to shoot a beautiful creature like a deer.

So, if the neighbor wants to send an arrow through the air and into the side of a deer for a slow death, then go at it, but WHAT THE HECK gives him the right to lure those deer USING MY TREE!!! And puhleeze don't tell me you are using that bow and arrow to kill MY DEER in MY MEADOW in a NEIGHBORHOOD WITH KIDS!! And did you not see the orange flag tie doobers in the trees that indicate the PROPERTY LINE? Sometimes I wonder what people do with their brains!

And we won't even talk about his two little boys who are allowed to get their exercise by driving a motorized jeep car thingy in the court where cars drive, or through our newly planted grass. No, we won't talk about that. We'll save that for the So Many Stupid People, So Little Time to Change Them post!

Guess what? This is my 100th post! I know - can you believe I've had 100 things to complain talk about? Leave me a comment, and I'll put your name in a drawing for a small token of my appreciation for being a fan. I do have fans, don't I?


sillygrrl said...

Ever thought of getting a bow and practicing too? You know like in the direction of your neighbor when he is out? Im not saying you have to actually 'bow' him, but scare him... Basically tell him your just doing what he does, and then point out that he's an idiot! Also please tell me you got rid of that feeder.
(by the way I edited this like 80 times! Im trying not to rant too much or curse like a sailor)

Anonymous said...

I hope you threw the feeder in the trash! Not properly supervising children while having weapons present could be neglect. For future reference.....Anonymous Child Abuse Hotline #595-4550. P

Nancy and the fatties said...

This makes my blood boil. really, he is going to shoot the deer in his own back yard and yours too? is he an idiot???

A New England Life said...

I'm a Fan! I'm a Fan! : )

2 or 3 years ago my mom was standing in her kitchen watching a deer in the back yard when suddenly it fell to the ground because someone shot it. The guy ran out and quickly grabbed the deer and pulled it into the woods. My mom called the police and I believe the Fish and Game got involved also. It was some young guy who later on came to my parents house and apologized. He lost his license and was fined but that doesn't change the trama my mom experience, or the fact that he put people in danger. The field behind their house also abutts 2 other homes.

Unfortunately you can give these people weapons but you just never know if they are responsible enough to use them properly. I believe a good portion of them aren't.

Having a neighbor like this is a sticky situation. You don't want to fight but you can't tolerate such ignorance either. Good luck Laura. I say, let Ted deal with it ; )

Mikki said...

Did you remove the feeder? Unbelievable, insane people!!! My uncles go hunting every year, but at least they go AWAY from civilization to do it. I can't imagine killing such a beautiful animal myself, seems like a horrible way to get your kicks.
Good luck with the neighbor.

I'm a fan too, Congrats on your 100th post!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh my goodness! there must be a law against that! so dangerous and stupid!
congratulations on your 100th post!

Sandy said...

I'm a fan, too, Laura. (Have you ever thought about writing a children's book? Maybe the story of a diva kitty?) And I am appalled at your neighbor. Just like I'm appalled at my neighbors who allow their cats to be on their balconies unsupervised. Cats fall. Cats have fallen. It's NOT SAFE!!!!!!! (Rufus is always safe inside.)


wow...i think i would TRASH the deer feeder!!!!! anoymously of course! :)

and congrats on your 100th post!

One Wired Woman said...

Congrats on your 100th post!! Woo Hoo! As for your neighbor, I'm just at a loss for words. That is ridiculous. It sort of sounds like you have The Clampetts living next door. Maybe Granny is cooking those varmints next door. Hee hee :) ~Jill

Starchy said...

I hate deer hunting too. And stupid neighbors.