Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Last to Bloom!

Don't you love mums? They are so easy to grow, and they spread nicely to fill in spots in the flower bed. These are mums I got from my Aunt Phyllis years ago. They started out in one small area and have spread around to the other side of the ornamental grass.

These are always the very last flowers to bloom in my front yard. They are a daisy mum rather than the traditional button mums you usually see. These mums must produce some sweet stuff because in the few seconds it took to photograph them, alot of different creatures stopped by! There are always bees swarming around!

Here is a cute little green ladybug looking insect which I think is really a cucumber beetle and probably the reason there are holes eaten out of the flowers!

A fly stopped by for a snack too!

And then some unidentifiable insecty looking bug. You can tell I didn't get my degree in entomology!

It feels more like the beginning of summer - still in the 80's, and I'm wearing shorts with the air conditioning running. They say tomorrow will be cooler, but they never get the weather right!


A New England Life said...

Beautiful Laura! And I love how you captured all the critters with wings. I've never heard of a cucumber beatle before. He's kind of cute.

It's been in the 60's here and it's supposed to become quite cold the next few days. Just in time as my daughters field hockey ends Friday night! Maybe we'll get a frost to kill the mosquitos too!

A New England Life said...

I just realized you have a new profile picture! How adorable!!! What a little cutie : )

One Wired Woman said...

I'm SO loving your new profile photo!! So cute!! C

Cucumber beetle... ooh!! I feel your pain with the "80 degree" still wearing shorts thing. Come on cold weather!! We are ready!!

Laura said...

I found that picture of me while looking through some of my Mom's photos. I look like a pumpkin in that picture - LOL!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
your garden is beautiful!
thank you for sharing! my flowers never look like that!

Doreen said...

Oh dear -- you shouldn't have posted that picture. It's very cute but it could come back and bite you. You know how those Red Hots are. LOL Not that I would do such a thing but.....


Doreen said...

I love the flowers and the bugs.


Mikki said...

Still warm here too. It's actually just about perfect right now. I could take a couple months of these 80 degree temps. Love those shots. Daisy's are my sister's favorites.
Hey, thanks for the great tip this afternoon. I got that door hinge off and got that darned bed out of there!