Saturday, October 11, 2008

It Has Nothing To Do With Guns!

I've got trigger thumb. Have you ever had it? I've had it twice in my right thumb, but this time it's in my left one.

It hurts like crazy!

It's fine until you try to bend it . . . . . . . then it snaps like a trigger, and sounds like the noise of the guy behind you in third grade who used to pop his knuckles in your ear and drive you crazy!

It's that kind of crazy!

And you don't realize how many times you bend your thumb in a day until you've got the trigger problem!

What causes it? Too much of something, but what in the heck do you use your left thumb on anyway? It floats in mid air when you type, so it's not getting overworked on the computer!

What cures it? A shot in the thumb from a hand doctor who has fingernails that are way too long and gross looking for a hand doctor.

And when can you get an appointment? Well, of course, you have to wait at least two weeks in this town to get an appointment for anything! Wouldn't it be nice to actually be able to call a doctor and get in to see him the next day? Does anybody actually live where that happens?


Mikki said...

ouch! I haven't heard of that before. I wonder if sewing causes it somehow? Sorry! Hope it feels better, well before the doc get's to see you.

A New England Life said...


Maybe it's just old bones. LOL! You'll have to ask the doctor when you FINALLY get in.

My doctor can usually see me pretty quickly. When my mom was sick he saw her the same day. That's the way it's been when the girls are sick too. Guess we're just lucky. I love my doctor and everyone who works there!

Hope your thumb works out the problem on it's own. Having Carpel Tunnel I know how uncomfortable hand pain can be! Maybe a brace would help so you wouldn't bend it ...