Friday, October 3, 2008

The Hurrieder I Go, The Behinder I Get!

You know it's bad when you look at the calendar and it says October, but in your mind you're thinking it's time to do spring cleaning! And my idea of spring cleaning is nothing like my mother-in-law's idea of spring cleaning! I washed a few windows - only because there are no screens on the windows, I can get to both sides without a ladder, and I was thinking I had cataracts but realized it was just the dirt and grime on the windows!

I also had the carpet cleaned by two guys named Mike. I'm thinking of putting up yellow caution tape and not allowing Ted or the cats to walk in the living or dining rooms. It looks so nice, and they were able to get up the flojectiles from the cats - hairball stains for those of you who don't live with cats!

Last night I attended an event for the who's who in Louisville. It was put on by CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). This weekend is the St. James Art Festival - an outdoor arts and crafts festival - but think high end creative stuff - jewelry, textiles, paintings, sculpture, etc. CASA invites several artists to display their high end stuff at a preview cocktail party. Then the Louisville muckety mucks in suits pay big bucks to attend, and a percentage of anything sold in the shops goes to CASA.

I'm sure I totally messed up the description of what the event is all about, but if Phyllis had a blog, she could tell you all about it. She works at CASA with the volunteers. She is in the blue shirt, and I don't know why she is wearing blue because she is a Red Hot, and should not be seen in public wearing blue!

You are probably wondering why I was there because

#1 - I'm not a high end creative artist.
#2 - I'm not a Louisville muckety muck.
#3 - I don't own any business suits.

Phyllis invited my husband (and me) because his class at U of L is working on a project to help out CASA. He is out of town, so she had me hooked at the word shopping! Plus, I can't pass up a blog topic opportunity!

I didn't take any pictures of some of the cool stuff I saw in the booths because you know how high end creative artists are about photographing their stuff. Yeah, like I could replicate a painting done on roofing paper!

My only purchase were these yummy smelling soaps - the perfect thing to have on hand when you need a last minute gift! It was also the only item I saw that was affordable!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
what a fun post! my two favorite things, cleaning & art.
:) melissa

Mikki said...

Sounds like a really good cause. Those soaps are quite pretty.
I love the shot of the guy vacuuming your carpet. Wonder what he was thinking of you taking his picture.

Saucy said...

Ha! I love the phrase "muckety-muck", I should use it more often! That's so fun.

Laura said...

Melissa - come over any time and clean!

Mikki - I told him he was going to be on my blog. He straightened his hair - LOL!

Saucy - We all know muckety mucks, don't we?

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Laura, I love that you posted about getting your carpet clean. It's the little things in life, right? : ) We don't have as much flojectiles as we have pugjectiles on our carpets...

Doreen said...

Lucky you -- St James indoors!! It's usually rainy and cold and 5 million of your closest friends are pushing to see what each booth has. Who wants to be muckety muck anyway? Next year I think Phyllis needs to invite all the Red Hots.

A New England Life said...

'Mike' appears to be doing a very nice job. He looks excited to be having his picture taken too! He was probably afraid you might report him if his lines weren't straight ; )

For the longest time I've been interested in CASA. Hard to believe there can be so many children that need court appointed advocates. Maybe one day I'll be able to volunteer my time. You gave to a great cause!