Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Betcha Didn't Know!

When I get to heaven, I'm heading straight for the FastPass line. You see, God rewards people on earth with a FastPass ticket so you don't have to stand in that long line at the pearly gates when your time comes.

I earned my FastPass ticket yesterday and today. Do you want to know how to get one too? You go shopping with your mother-in-law! Not just any kind of shopping, but . . . . . . . .

shoe shopping

with a woman who has very, very small feet and a distinct idea of what an 81 year old woman should and shouldn't wear on those feet!

Have you ever tried to find a size 5 shoe? They don't sell that size in the stores. Believe me - we looked, and looked, and looked! Most of the stores start at size 6. If you're lucky, you can find a few 5 1/2's. So, we tried on every 5 1/2 we could find.

But, there are rules about the appropriate shoes for an 81 year old. Her rules, not mine:

1. The heel can't be too high.
2. No black patent allowed.
3. No mule/backless shoes.
4. Old ladies shouldn't wear red.
5. No pointed toes.

I know, you're thinking why didn't you look in the kid's department?

We did.

More rules

6. They can't be too young looking.
7. No super rounded toes.
8. No plaid.

Oh yeah, and we won't even talk about price point! After much frustration - more mine than hers - I thought I'd buy myself a pair!

And to make a statement that I'm not old - I went with pointy . . . . . and a little higher heel than usual!

And to make myself feel even better, I threw in a dress!

Because if you can't make yourself feel good by buying a $5 dress - then something is wrong with you!

Yeah, I know those brown shoes don't go with that black dress. That is why I bought a pair of black shoes too!

After all, I need to look good in that FastPass line . . . . . .


A New England Life said...

Sweet shoes Laura! I like the dress too! Don't you love an end of the season bargain?

Did 'Mom' ever find any shoes that fit? With small feet like that I would think it would be easier to shop online. You are such an angel to take her shopping in the first place : )

I'm not sure I know what a FastPass ticket/line is. Do you mean for the toll booth?

Laura said...

Sharon - when you go to Disneyworld/Disneyland, you can get a FastPass ticket that lets you "jump" and get to the beginning of the line!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Laura, you have definitely earned some brownie points. I think this also puts you at the front of the line at airline ticket counters and security gates, too. And at Cinnabon stores and Yogurterias, too. And Marie Callendars' pie counters.

Pegasus said...

Fantastic shoes AND dress even if you don't wear them together!

Did you ever find your MIL shoes??

I am feeling nostalgic.


Laura said...

Peggy - we did find one pair of shoes for her - still a little large in the heel area. She really wears a size 5, but thinks she should wear a 5 1/2.

Mikki said...

Great deal on that cute dress. Great shoes too!! Your legs look great too, what I could see of them!
You're wonderful to take her shopping, and be patient enduring all that.
You definitely deserve that fast pass. I wonder what else would qualify for that little prize?

sillygrrl said...

Oh my catness, when you find a bargain you sure find a bargain!
So when do we get to see you 'in' that dress? Is Ted aware he must take you out on a date now?
Good luck finding shoes for the mum in law...I hate shopping so my hats off to you!

Phyllis said...

I have shopped with my 4" 11" roommate. I know how you feel. She shopped in Indianapolis or Chicago at Nordstroms

Jenn: said...

Color me stunned about that dress!!! My jaw dropped when I saw it--Cute, Cute, Cute. Then, I read the price!
All your friends must want you as their shopping partner. You have the best luck. And it's obvious, you are a patient companion ;0)
BTW, do you think she will really ever wear those shoes she bought?