Saturday, October 25, 2008

All Aboard!

We drove to Bardstown, Kentucky, today to take Ted's Mom to lunch on the My Old Kentucky Dinner Train.

The four cars of the dinner train were built in the 1940's. The interior has been refurbished, and it is very pretty inside.

We were in the RJC-011 car that was used in the funeral train for President Dwight Eisenhower’s journey to Abilene, Kansas for burial.

I'm always amazed that people will show up at places like this wearing jeans! Now, I don't have anything against jeans, but if you're spending a good chunk of change on lunch and a train ride, wouldn't you at least wear something besides jeans and a sweatshirt?

The train ride is about two hours long. Part of the journey is through Bernheim Forest, and the distilleries in the area can also be seen along the way.

Lunch consisted of a delicious salad with yummy munchies on it and a homemade honey mustard/poppyseed dressing. All three of us chose the basil lemon chicken - it came with rice and vegetables. The yeast rolls were to die for, but when have you ever had a bad yeast roll?

The train moves at a good clip, and I was taking most of the pictures out the window.

This is one of the distillery barns where the whiskey is stored in barrels. The black on all the buildings is caused from the barrels inside the building - a type of mold. I don't know why they don't paint the buildings black, and then you wouldn't see the mold!

This is the Jim Beam Distillery where they make bourbon whiskey. I personally think bourbon is the worst tasting stuff - even in candy (bourbon balls), it makes me gag!

Something that didn't make me gag was this dessert! Take a guess what was inside!

A whole apple! And it was chock full of cinnamon and yes, I ate every bite of it! After the all-day rain we had yesterday, it was a beautiful day for a train ride. They also do murder mystery dinners which sounds like a lot of fun!

Bardstown is a quaint town full of antique shops, and it is the location of My Old Kentucky Home. Every summer the Stephen Foster Story is performed in an outdoor amphitheater. I have seen the performance a number of times, and never get tired of seeing those beautiful southern belle dresses!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh what a fun adventure! your pictures are wonderful!

A New England Life said...

How fun! I hope Ted's mom had a good time and didn't worry too much. Everything looks wonderful, including the pictures of the three of you.

Do they still use that moldy distillery? The Apple dessert must have been delicious! What a wonderful day to spend a Saturday : )

Will Ted's mom be going home tomorrow?

Laura said...

Sharon - yep, she leaves around noon tomorrow!

Mikki said...

That looks like so much fun. I love that picture of the trees-beautiful.
The murder mystery dinner would be a blast.

Saucy said...

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly about the blue jeans. I am constantly amazed at what I see... I think people take "casual" attire too much to heart these days. I went to high tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria and saw a young mother dressed up but her two teen daughters were in jeans. Come on.

Jenn: said...

That looked like so much fun! Those train dinners seem so elegant and chic! Unless someone is in jeans and sweatshirt next to you of course!
I relish any chance to dress up!
I have never seen a desert like that ever! It looked amazing! I can just imagine the taste.