Monday, September 22, 2008

Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Tonight is the new season of Dancing with the Stars! Since most of our husbands wouldn't be caught dead watching the show (even if they danced in the nude!), the Red Hots decided it would be fun to get together and watch the show.

Of course, after I watch the show each week, I try to get Ted to dance with me. Now that would be some reality television you wouldn't want to miss!

Just like last season, the Red Hots all drew a dancing pair, put $5 in the pot, and wait to see when we get kicked off. Since there are only ten of us in the group, the first three to get booted have a second chance with the three left over dancing pairs.

I picked Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo. They won't win - mainly because I drew them, and I never seem to win stuff like this! Alec isn't my favorite of the pros. Maksim is back this year - now, talk about red hot - whew, somebody get me a fan!

I'll have pictures tomorrow from our get-together at Phyllis' house!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh that sounds like fun! thanks for your comments on my blog today. i always love to hear your thoughts.
happy first day of fall!
:) melissa

Mikki said...

sounds like lots of fun. My husband watched with me, last year, when Marie Osmond was on. He just thought she was so cute and funny that he didn't mind watching it. He also enjoyed watching Scary Spice too.
I doubt he'll watch with me this year, but I think I'll be checking it out.

Doreen said...

Oh dear watch for the comments tomorrow -- Laura was taking notes.