Friday, September 12, 2008

Partial Mistreated Windows!

I've been looking for fabric to replace the blah, boring, outdated 15-year old curtains in my kitchen/sunroom. But I hadn't found anything that really struck my fancy. Isn't that a stupid saying - struck my fancy?

I'm in Walmart walking through the curtain aisle and noticed almost all the curtains are reduced to $5 a pair. Ooooh, wait a minute - I think my fancy was struck at that moment! I find these cute-cute cafe' curtains and realized I couldn't buy two different fabrics, plus the ribbon and make them for $5 a pair. And even if I could, who wants to go to that much trouble when these are already made - they're cute-cute - and ON SALE??!!

Now, I've got three sets of double windows, plus a window over the sink. So, I scooped up seven pairs of curtains - I'm into this project for $35 at this point.

However, the cafe' length is too long because I want them to be valances. I did a little mistreatment of the fabric. Unfortunately, the Nester wouldn't be too proud because I didn't use a glue gun, and I'm ashamed to admit I used a sewing machine - which is a big NO-NO in the world of mistreated windows! But, hey, I'm new at this mistreatment thing, and I think buying Walmart curtains should count for something because I discovered they were a little mistreated when they were originally sewn!

I couldn't cut the fabric because I've got that cute-cute striped material at the bottom, so I did a couple of folds, a couple of stitches, and there you have it! By folding the fabric, it makes the bottom half lined, and they hang very nicely.

Now, I needed rods - well, I probably didn't need rods, but I wanted rods. Again, I get a D- in mistreating the windows because I bought rods. BUT, in my defense, the rods were purchased from Big Lots, and you know you're going to get a deal in that store!.

I hung them way up at the ceiling. If you look at the picture above, you'll notice I have one more set to hang (on the right).

Of course, my engineer husband wanted me to wait so he could put the brackets on the wall. I'm sure he laughed to himself when he suggested that. He knows me better, and knew I wasn't about to wait until the weekend when he had time!

So, do you like them?


Melissa and Emmitt said...

OMG! Laura! I love them and the the story of how they were created! You are my hero!
toooo coool!

Mikki said...

I. love. them!!! They are so cute. I love the combination of the check and the flower. So cute!
Mistreatments are great--but I think the whole idea behind them is creativity and frugality--and you nailed both those! good job!!

A New England Life said...

What a nice job Laura! Very pretty! You must be proud to do it all yourself too : ) I'll bet Ted is happy about that also. lol!!

Sherrie said...

Too adorable!!!!! Don't you just love finding great things at Big Lots? Remind me to share how I redecorated my upstairs bathroom with you!!!! Anyway, repurposing things is one of my favorite things to do, and you are my new mentor. Enjoy!!!!!!!!