Monday, September 8, 2008

My, My, Mama Mia!

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - at the sing-along version of Mama Mia!
Of course, it's only fun if you go with friends who don't mind acting goofy so you can get a picture for your blog! We loved the movie, and got a real kick out of Pierce Brosnan's singing! And who knew that Meryl Streep could sing? And wasn't her daughter in the movie adorable?

After the movie, We walked over to McAlisters to get some yummy food . . . . .

. . . . . . and the best iced tea in town!

And you can't get friends together without having some lively conversation. Here is what we concluded after a couple of hours of chatting.

1. You can lead a young person to sunscreen and condoms, but you can't be guaranteed they will use either of them!

2. Why do we all have piles of stuff in our house except Doreen?

3. Wouldn't you remember if your son told you his ex-girlfriend is bisexual! What?

4. Mental illness is walking around the streets of downtown Louisville pushing a neatly organized cart yelling, "I'm intelligent"! Wow, that makes you want to move here, doesn't it?

5. Bingo cards should not be bought in packages of 1,000.

6. Dancing with the Stars should be seen with friends - the first party is at Phyllis' house.

7. Does anybody not have a dysfunctional family member? We think not, and to the Red Hots that didn't come to the movie - we probably discussed who we think it is in your family!

8. Greece looks like a great place to visit!

9. Lorie has a heart shaped face and she can't scrunchie up her hair any more!

10. Nightsweats - 'nuf said!

11. Caylee's grandmother knows something!

The conversation also included nuns, weddings, loser boyfriends, Alaska, bad mothers, weeds, cats who find their way back home, hang gliding, Obama, Palin, rashes, hospital ERs, and neck pains.

We cover a lot of ground when we get together!


A New England Life said...

Condoms and sunscreen ... lol! How true, how true!

I love this post Laura! The only thing I would change about it is me being in it too! Sounds like you ladies almost solved the worlds problems, except where little Caylee is. That story breaks my heart : (

By the way, a lot of young women are bisexual. It's the in thing ya know. 'I kissed a girl', and all that jazz.

If every family has a dysfunctional member, being an only child, you must be it. lol!!!

The Redhots are awesome! Mamma Mia!

Lorie said...

I want to know why MY picture is above the comment on MENTAL ILLNESS!??! Whassup with that?!?! IS there something you all are not telling me. I am thankful you love me just the way I am.

However, I have to say I am in good company -- I totally agree with "A New England Life". Honorary RH?

Thanks for the review. You make a GREAT secretary. What a memory - or did you have a secret taping device?

Love ya!

Mikki said...

Looks like you had a great time! I'm glad. I can't think of anything better than a sin along version to Mama Mia! totally loved that movie.

Pegasus said...

Sorry I missed the movie and such great conversation!

Hmmm....can you even begin to know who is the dysfunctional member of my family???

Obama...Palin...? I try not to mix political discussion with friends so I'm glad I missed THAT part.

I would have liked to hear about Alaska.

But we're leaving on Friday and we had lots to do.

Lauren and Justin said...

HA! this cracked me up :)
thanks for stopping by my blog.. i want to see pictures of your laundry room!

Doreen said...

I hate I missed Red Hots at the movies. Couple of comments.
1. What did you think about Meryl jumping on the bed? 2. Meryl running up the stone steps to the wedding? I know the only Red Hot that could do that would be Sharon. 3. What do you mean piles of stuff at my house. Has anybody seen my sewing room other that Laura and Pam? Tell them girls how it looks. I don't have piles --you just can't walk in the door.
4. I am going to miss the get togethers with "Dancing with the Stars" -- you better be calling me.

Doreen said...

I should have proofed my comment before posting. Sorry for the errors -- I just had so much to say. :)

Laura said...

Doreen - yes, we talked about your sewing room, but that doesn't count! We all said that our entire houses look like your sewing room!

Laura said...

Lorie - are you feeling paranoid? Is that a symptom of mental illness? Hmmmmm . . . . . . .

Nancy and the fatties said...

too funny Laura! See, I knew you loved Abba. I'm so glad I got you those tickets for next year to see them on Broadway - I think we should wear whatever the Dallas weather widget is wearing that day.
your friend,
Howard's Mom