Friday, September 19, 2008

Making Laundry More Enjoyable?

Remember the $5 gallon of chocolate brown paint I bought? Well, I finally finished the laundry room. I've been waiting for the vinyl letters I ordered from It's Written on the Wall - an Ebay store.

I still need to freshen up the two walls that are off-white. I didn't have any of the original paint left, so I'll wait until I can find another $5 gallon that coordinates with the brown.

I found the basket and beach grass mat at Big Lots - 75% clearance! The basket is great for hiding stuff I don't want to see spread out everywhere.

The fabric for the washtub came from Walmart in their $2/yd. clearance section. I added sticky back velcro to the top and stuck it on the tub. I had enough fabric left to make a tablecloth for one of those round tables - I have that in my sunroom.

I'm most proud of this backsplash project! I was tired of the water splashing on the walls and making drip marks all the way to the floor.

I bought a piece of acrylic plexiglass at Home Depot. They had no idea what I was talking about, but I found it back in the window section of the store. The ribbon is grosgrain. You need an iron, ruler, and glue stick to finish the project.

I cut the ribbon into pieces a little longer than the size of the plexiglass, ironed the edges back and glued them to the acrylic in a woven pattern using the ruler to space the ribbon. You have to work with the ribbon right side down because the ribbon is going to be against the wall so it doesn't get wet.

Here is the finished backsplash. Two holes were drilled to be able to attach the paper towel holder to the wall. Since the backsplash is lightweight, nothing else was needed to hold it in place!

Now, if I only had someone to do the laundry, I'd love this room even more!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

you are an absolute genius!
so the glue was put on the front of the ribbon to glue it to the acrylic? did it dry clear? it looks perfect!

Laura said...

Yes, Melissa - the glue stick dried clear. There is probably better stuff to use, but it was in the drawer!

Mikki said...

ooks Fabulous!!! I love your laundry room. I might just rethink my thought of not doing the brown. I love how it came out. Great job!!!

Saucy said...

Oh man, I love all of it from the colours (brown! pink! blue! off white!) to that cool backsplash. What an awesome laundry space!

sillygrrl said...

What about the curtain? Where did it come from? I love it!

Laura said...

sillygrrl - where else - Walmart! When they put their curtains on sale, they are super cheap! I needed one I could lower because the dog is afraid of lightening!

A New England Life said...

What a nice job Laura! Doing the laundry must be a colorful affair now. The teals, greens, and browns are so 'in' right now. The boys room I just painted is a green very similar to the green in your curtain. It was a Ben Moore color and I kept referring to it as Granny Smith Green, even though that wasn't the real name. I think they are mixing his with Navy Blue colors.

Today while I was shopping at Kohls I noticed they had round containers of vinyl letters. Not sure I would have seen them had they not been on your blog. They must be the hot new thing, and you're leading the way! They also had some for Christmas if you're interested ; )