Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Sumpin Else!

A couple of weeks ago, I bid on some items up for auction at Today's Creative Blog. The auction was to help Stephanie Nielsen and her husband who were in a plane crash in mid-August.

I won the bid on a very pretty frame made my Sumpin Else!

Today the beautiful frame arrived! It was bigger than I realized, and so very pretty - decorated with jewels and sayings and silk flowers. I found a picture I love of my Mom and her twin sister when they were little. It is the perfect picture for a frame about remembering . . . . . .

I remember how easily I got confused on the phone when I was trying to decide if I was talking to my Mom or my Aunt. That is how identical they were! My Grandma dressed them alike when they were young, and they continued doing that even when they had a choice!

And, yes, I do know that my Mom is on the right, and Phyllis is on the left. They were known their entire life as the Keith twins! I miss them both terribly.

Be sure to check out Sumpin Else if you need a unique custom party favor or gift!


A New England Life said...

A beautiful frame for two beautiful little girls : )

Your mom and her sister look exactly alike! No wonder people couldn't tell them apart. And to think you couldn't tell their voices apart ... that's odd.

Congratulations on winning the auction! Definitely a great cause!!! Hopefully Stephanie will be a little better soon. Such a sad thing to happen to her and her husband. I feel for the 4 children : (

Mikki said...

That's a lovely frame. I am always amazed by people's creativity. A great cause too, I'm glad you won!
I dress the boys alike pretty frequently, thank goodness their not identical as your mom was. I don't know what I'd do!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
oh what a beautiful frame and pictures. my sister melanie and i are identical twins.
we are very close too. we sound exactly the same too. :)

Jenn: said...

Gorgeous! Suddenly all my frames seem so very boring.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Really nice, Laura - what a perfect picture for this frame. They do look like twins!
Nancy and the fatties

Laura said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for the nice comments on the frame. It is really pretty, and I'm happy about the picture I picked.

Denise said...

Laura...thanks so much for sharing this!! I think the photo that you chose for the frame is PERFECT!!!! I'm so happy that you love the frame.

Amanda said...

Oooh! What a pretty frame! Sumpin has great stuff!