Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to Occupy a Saturday!

Once Newman got the freedom to roam the whole house, the bathroom that used to be his room is no longer interesting! He loves the other cats . . . . . but they aren't too crazy about him yet. They are very curious because he is constantly on the go and playing with toys, but when he leaps like a grasshopper in their face, they hiss and growl.

He has decided that he can use the big litter box which requires some maneuvering because it has a lid. He has figured out how to jump on the bed and the sofa, and can run down the steps super fast!

I'm keeping a close eye on him because of what he might decide to chew - wires being my main concern. He wakes up way too early for my taste, but that little belly gets hungry!

A week ago tonight he was a scared little guy covered in fleas hiding in a bush. He has come a long way in a week, and has totally turned this house upside down! But, dang, have you ever seen such a cute face and the most beautiful blue eyes?


Mikki said...

Nope! He is just the cutest little kittie wittie I have ever seen!

A New England Life said...

You know I love him Laura! He is so adorable, how you could ever give him up now, I don't know. He has to have weasled his way right into your's and Ted's hearts. There's nothing like a baby to bring a little life into a home ; )

Believe me, eventually the others will tolerate him. It just takes a while. Does he want to sleep on your lap all the time?

What a difference a week makes!