Saturday, September 13, 2008

Houston, We Have a Problem!

We could use some of Houston's rain and storm surge, and I'd be happy to send some humidity to whomever wants it!

When our weeds outnumbered the grass blades, we had to take some serious action. So, we killed it all off - and let me tell you, weeds don't go quietly!

We rented a seeder from Home Depot, and somehow I knew that the video demonstration of the guy wearing a suit and pushing this contraption with one hand wasn't going to be the same thing I saw today!

And now we need some rain from hurricane Ike! Or I'll be spending every day for the next two weeks moving the sprinkler around the yard in hopes that the grass comes up before the weeds come back!


A New England Life said...

Your sure do have a problem! A nightmare is more like it!

Good luck to you and Ted trying to get the grass to grow. I'm sure it's all good entertainment for your neighbors too ; )

"So honey, do you think the neighbors grass will grow? I mean look at it! What have they done???"

"I don't know dear. We'll have to watch. Poor Ted, she works him to the bone!"


Doreen said...

Wow That's a lot of work. Did you do the back? I think poor Ted needs to put his feet up. There is always something that needs to be done around a house.


Jenn: said...

Ugh! Watering our grass has been the bane of our existance here (we never had a yard before).

Sometimes I wonder if grass is worth it. My mom put all rocks in her yard. I think I will go that way next (of course in CO, that is normal, because grass looks funny on the "plains").

Mikki said...

Good luck. we could sure use some of that rain too.
OUr back yard looks even worse.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Laura - good luck growing that verdant lawn! I hope you didn't get the awful weather up there. My crazy Aunt Kay refused to evacuate!
hugs from your texas puggy pals