Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Summer - Where Did You Go?

Yes, Violet, I know - today is the last day I can wear these shoes!

As I tried to shut my brain off last night to go to sleep, I reflected on all the different jobs I've had throughout my life. Here is a sampling I thought I'd share on Labor Day!

First Job - No Experience, No Training
Babysitter - 50 cents an hour. I was convinced no one would hire me when I took the bold move and increased my price to 75 cents an hour!

My Only Ever Retail Job
Party Department - Garden Ridge - part-time, and I was over 40! Loved it, and spent most of my paycheck in the store!

Summer Job that Changed the Direction of My Life
The Kentucky State Fair during the summer before my senior year in high school. I had already decided on a college, but met a friend who was going somewhere else to college. I switched gears, and we became roommates. She only stayed one year and transferred, and I graduated.

Weirdest Job
Working as the assistant to the assistant to Lisa Frank when I lived in Arizona. I loved all the cool stuff Lisa Frank produced, but hated the job. I was basically a personal errand girl for Lisa. Here's my dry cleaning . . . . go wash my car . . . . take the dog for a walk. Excuse me - I've got a college degree - can't you find something better for me to do? Although I did love her dog!

Summer Jobs that Screamed Go To College!
I worked for two summers during high school at General Electric on the assembly line. Kids who had parents working there could put their name in a lottery drawing to see who would get summer jobs. The pay was AWESOME - $5.00 an hour! Doesn't that make you laugh now? The first summer I put that thingy in your oven that holds the upper heating coil in place. I used an air gun - are you impressed yet? The next summer I tested clothes dryers. Except I was the gal behind the dryer - plugging it in and adding stickers to the back. Sounds great? Think about it - summer . . . . . no airconditioning . . . . . heat blowing out the back of the dryer . . . . . yeah, nothing but summer fun!

Real Jobs with Real Pay
If you remember, my Mom always told me to learn how to type because you'll always be able to get a job. She was right. I spent most of my working career as a secretary or administrative assistant. First job out of college - secretary in the commercial loan department of a bank. I also worked in the aerospace industry, and for various engineering firms.

Best Paying Job I was Meant to Do
After many years working as a volunteer for the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, I became a theme runner/creative consultant with Little Brownie Bakers - the Girl Scout cookie company. I worked with their marketing department on developing the cookie theme, program materials, and attending product sales conferences. It was the most rewarding, creative experience, and I loved every minute of it!

My Current Job
I'm fortunate to be a stay-at-home, non-Mom who takes care of cats, a dog, and attempts to take care of the house and yard. I'd much rather play on the computer, or create stuff!

Happy Labor Day!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
what a wonderful post!
i enjoyed reading every word!
have a great day!

Jenn: said...

I got so excited when you said Lisa Frank!!! I loved her stuff. I still have some of it, because it is my way to use all of a stationery but 1 last page and envelope. I'm such a pack rat!
Happy Labor Day!

Mikki said...

Great Labor day post. What a good idea to list all your jobs. Some neat ones to. Working for Lisa Frank, and the Girl Scouts--sweet!

Sandy said...

Library file clerk, English department assistant, magazine editorial assistant (my first "adult" job) than advertising as a junior copywriter, senior copywriter, and creative director. I've been working for myself for a few years now. And, Laura, I'm breathing a sigh of relief with you that Gustav was merciful.

Starchy said...

Great idea for a post, and oh wow! I love that Lisa Frank stuff. Hopefully her dog made up for the other stuff.