Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Garage, Grandpa, and Gourds!

Ted decided that he wanted to clean out the garage this past weekend. Now, I'm never gonna stop a man that wants to clean out anything, but we have so many other unfinished projects around here. I was hoping he could get the job done in a weekend.

Not only is our garage packed to the max with stuff, junk, and a couple of old computers that are somehow museum-worthy and collectible because one is the PC Jr. and don't get me started on how I hate keeping crap like that and who in the world wants it and why can't we pitch it is the speech I give everytime I walk by those dust magnets that don't belong in a garage! In addition, we have all my parents' good garage junk too! Are you feeling my pain yet?

So, I said, Go ahead and knock yourself out, but don't expect me to help, I've got a gazillion other things to do!

Paint - doesn't everyone have at least 20 gallon cans of half-used, never gonna use it again but you can't throw it away paint? Well, here is a trick to get rid of it. Buy the cheapest kitty litter you can find. Pour it in the paint can, stir it up and let it sit. It turns into concrete and then you can dispose of it.

But, what about spray paint? I mean, we have at least 30 cans of it - including some of Mom's lovely mauve and orange spray paint!

So, I'm in the basement today looking for my fall/Halloween decorations (don't worry, all this is going to be connected before I'm done). I find a box of gourds that we grew, that I sawed the top off of about 8 years ago with plans of doing something with them - plans that have now escaped my brain.

I had an Aha moment - let's use up some of the 30 cans of spray paint! And when would I ever use school crossing guard orange unless it was Halloween and I had a gourd to paint?

Ooooh, I like the way these turned out! I'll have to use them creatively, and show you later what I did with them!

And now on to Grandpa! My grandpa loved to cut out silhouettes from wood. I found these in a box I had brought from Mom's house. A little black spray paint to freshen them up, and they are ready for a wall. I love how three of them have a transportation theme!

Okay, I'm slowly using up the spray paint - what about you? What can you find to spray paint today?


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi laura!
what a great post! i love your gourds and grandpa's wood cuts!
you are so creative!

Mikki said...

Your gourds turned out great-way to recycle! I love those cut-outs too.
Yep, we have a sweet kittie. Her name is Friday, because we found her the day after Thanksgiving, eleven years ago now. She is a good kittie. Bless her heart, Jason likes to lay on her and pat her (pretty hard I think), and she just takes it. Occasionally she'll give him a little nip if he's being too rough. She's a terrific cat.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Wow, you are very brave to let Ted clean things out unsupervised. Last time that happened important paperwork and furniture and hand embroidered antique rugs mysteriously disappeared at my house. sigh.
The gourds are great! you can do so much with those. And I love the wood cuts. You are all set for halloween!

Lorie said...

U R Brilliant!!!

Anonymous said...

You can come over and paint my porch rail. LOL! Phyllis