Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bangles, Bellys, and Boobs!

Six pairs of eyes scrutinized every move last night on Dancing with the Stars! Who needs Bruno, Carrie Ann, or Len when you have the Red Hots!

Did y'all see the bracelets on Toni Braxton? When we heard Pam say that the first time, we thought she meant bracelets as in boobs, but she really meant the arm bangles. Pam is a big fan of arm bangles! And there were plenty of arm bangles last night! Is there a DWTS store, cause Pam needs more bangles!

She did inform us that the pink one is fake diamonds - thanks for telling us, Pam! And the reason Susan Lucci didn't wear bracelets? It would have tipped her over!

Is Cheryl pregnant? She has put on some poundage in the belly, hips and face! Why of course, she couldn't be pregnant - she isn't married! That was the brilliant statement out of my mouth! They never let me forget when I say something stupid.

There was a lot of boob talk last night, well, because . . . . . . there was a lot of boobs last night! And a lot of guys touching a boob, but how could you not, they were right in their faces! And speaking of faces, why did Inna have a lipstick mark across her face like she had put on her lipstick while riding a roller coaster?

Lance has nice eyebrows. That's because he read my blog about eyebrows! And poor Cloris - she has no clue where she is - let's boot her early and save her more pain! And talk about boobs - wasn't Jeffrey the worst? Phyllis drew his name, and her comment was, Cloris - you're safe! And who doesn't want to be Julianne when they grow up? Pam does!

I'll leave you with a favorite song from camp that sums up the show last night.

Do your boobs hang low,
do they wobble to and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot,
can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them over your shoulder
like a continental soldier?
Do your boobs hang low?
(or high? or lopsided? or pushed up?)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

too funny laura!
i can tell you all had fun!

Mikki said...

Funny, funny post. I only got to catch about the last twenty or so minutes--had to hit the grocery store. Susan Lucci is SO tiny! but I thought she was adorable, and I really loved the football player. Definitely voting for those two. I don't know about the rest, hopefully I'll get to catch the whole thing tonight.
And btw, yes, they do hang low! :o(

A New England Life said...

I DID notice Toni's bracelets! I don't know how she danced with them since she's so small. God, she and Brook look fabulous! And the boob jobs were fabulous too! Hubby didn't say anything but I'm sure he noticed.

Susan Lucci is so sweet and so tiny! She probably weighs about 95 lbs!

I thought Cheryl had put on weight too! She is the same height as Samantha but much bigger all over. Even her costume seemed to be trying to cover her up. I don't think she could dance like that if she were pregnant though.

Julianne: the cutest thing ever!
Cloris: please go home soon
Jeff: Go home NOW! He was so crass with his ballroom/tight pants comment.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Dear Aunty Laura:
Thanks alot. Mommy said I can NEVER watch this show because it appears there are boobs on this show. I like boobs. What channel and what time is the next show? *using thumbies to set up puggy TIVO*
Howard Pee Pugpants