Wednesday, September 10, 2008

B - I - N - G - O !

Tonight was Red Hots - ten red, hot friends who get together once a month - each taking a turn to plan the evening. We met at RHBB's house for dinner and bingo.

This is RHBB - Red Hot Bargain Babe - she got that name because she can smell a bargain a mile away! Several years ago she bought a gazillion bingo cards, and we have played every variety of bingo known to womankind! Tonight was Tropical Hawaiian Bingo!

These tropical feet belong to Red Hot Cheater Chair. It would take me way too long to explain her RH name!

We played quite a few games of bingo, and you can see that Red Hot Hand was very giddy at winning several times!

Red Hot Pal was a winner despite starting out the evening with a faulty dauber! Check out her tropical turquoise bling!

And the big cover-all finale was won by Red Hot Grandmama and Red Hot Princess!

We had a delish meal of fruit, salad, grilled chicken, rice, green beans, and of course -



Mikki said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time. So fun. Girls Nights are the best.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Too funny, Laura. At first I thought that was a can of whippy creme!!!

One Wired Woman said...

I love fun nights like this with my galpals. Looks like a great time!! Thanks so much for stopping by to wish me luck with Hurricane Ike. These storms are so unpredictable. You never know what to do... Better go hunker down!! ~Jill :)

A New England Life said...

I think what happens with the Red Hots, stays with the Red Hots! LOL!

Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Doreen said...

DANG -- I missed a good one. Looks like ya all had fun.

Jenn: said...

I was wondering what your Red Hot name was!

(And I was wondering if you could do me a favor - even for just a week, please put up the way for me to subscribe to your posts and comments. That's the only way I stay on top. Cool?)

Lancelot sends purrs to Spunky!

A New England Life said...


You can also subscribe to blogs on your Dashboard. It's new and works great! Check it out : )