Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where Did the Day Go?

Late last night I checked my Etsy store and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had my very first sale - woo hoo! So, I got it all packed and shipped it out this morning! I had to laugh that my first sale was one of the doggie beds!

After trimming back a butterfly bush that had gotten completely out of control in the front yard, and then seeing the lovely rash that it left on my arm (I've got allergies to everything outside!), we got cleaned up and went to Turkey Joe's for linner.

What's linner? That's when you've been too busy doing stuff and you forget to eat lunch, and by the time you think about it, you might as well eat dinner. We had never been here before, and it was really good! We both got turkey burgers that came with seasoned fries. I've never been a seasoned fries kind of girl because they are usually too spicy, but these were awesome!

The place had a lot of televisions tuned into different sports stations. I'm boycotting the Olympics this year, but I did take a glance at the men's kayak competition. I've never seen such a fine selection of hunkiness - there wasn't an ugly guy in the group! And their arm muscles . . . . . I'm weak in the knees just thinking about it!

Our next stop was Ted's downtown office. He had a file cabinet to take, and he wanted to add some supports to the white boards. While he was doing that, I washed the windows.

What?? Wait a minute . . . . . . I don't even wash my own windows . . . . . . what was I thinking?

Remember that arrangement I made for his office? Well, here it is! It was originally on a cute stand, but we moved the stand to another area and put a plant on it. The arrangement is now on top of the file cabinet.

I can't tell you what we saw on the way home - you'll have to check back tomorrow for Speechless Sunday. Let me just say, I'll be hearing you go Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . . . . . .how precious!


Mikki said...

Congratulations on your first sell!!! That's very cool.
Why are you boycotting the Olympics? I'm glad you tuned in long enoug for some eye candy. :o)

Laura said...

Mikki - I'm usually a huge fan of the Olympics, but I decided it would be my way to honor the poor cats and dogs that died from the tainted pet food that came from China if I boycotted. It may sound like a silly reason, but too many beloved pets died for no reason all due to their carelessness - not to mention the toys with the lead paint that came from China too.

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Congrats on your first etsy sale! WTG! I know this will be one of many!~~~XXOO, Beth

A New England Life said...

How did I miss this post?

Good for you Laura, making your first sale! That's pawsome!

I'm a big fan of linner myself. Turkey Burgers and seasoned fries too! There was no mention of dessert though. I have to say I've never heard of Turkey Joe's before.

Teds office looks very neat and organized. And high up! What floor is he on?!