Thursday, August 28, 2008

Storage Solution Solved!

I've been looking for two pieces of funiture for my craft room. I need something where I can store fabric and supplies, and I also need a table.

I knew exactly what I wanted, but haven't been able to find it until yesterday when I was at one of our antique/junk malls. This is a tiger oak wardrobe. However, I didn't know it was tiger oak, I just knew it was the right size for what I wanted.

The price seemed reasonable, so I asked if they would take anything off - because it doesn't hurt to ask. While the gal was checking on it, another man who has a booth there walked by and commented to a guy who works there that if noone buys that wardrobe, he wants it.

The guy pointed to me, and said I was interested in it. So, the booth guy comes over to me and says, They've got this way underpriced. This is solid tiger oak. I just smiled like I knew all about tiger oak, and thought to myself, well, if this is way underpriced, I'm trying to get it even cheaper!

The gal comes back and says the best she can do is 10% off the price because they just got the piece in. I was happy for anything off the underpriced piece! I picked it up today, and we got it as far as the hallway.

Now all I need is another strong man to help Ted carry it up the stairs because it is, after all, solid tiger oak! OMC, it looks like a mirrored coffin in this picture - I think it's just the angle!


A New England Life said...

Good for you Laura in getting a great deal! The coffin should hold plenty of stuff too! lol! It's a very nice piece of furniture and you're lucky the guy told you about it being solid Tiger Oak.

Now where are the muscles?? Bring on the Braun!

Mikki said...

Got to love getting a good deal. It is a lovely piece. I'm glad for you. Hope you can find another big strong man to get it up those stairs.

Jenn: said...

OMC, Laura!!!! You Rock!!!

1st of all you showed that snooty-tooty dude what was what and got it under the underprice.

But you also stayed true to your principles and got TIGER oak to go in the CATS ONLY room!

I wanna go shopping with you!!

Laura said...

How funny, Jenn! I hadn't thought of that - but tiger oak is purrfect for the cat's room - LOL!