Sunday, August 17, 2008

Speechless Sunday


Mikki said...

ooohhh! I want to go!!
Looks like so much fun. Hope you had a blast.

Doreen said...

Thanks -- now I don't have to go. hahaha


A New England Life said...


I love Speechless Sunday! Especially the Fudge Meister. lol!

The buildings you and Ted were in are huge! Nothing like the buildings at our local fairs. Ayup! Looks like a wicked good time!

Hope you had an ice cream, or funnel cake, or fried dough, or apple crisp, or . . . something for me ; )


Laura said...

There is so much to see at our state fair - but a ton of walking! We didn't even get to the animal area. We had bar-b-q and it was good! Some gal next to us was eating a turkey drumstick that was big enough for 5 people!

Jenn: said...

I wanna apopt a duck!!!
I didnt know you could put slideshows in a post, cool.
I bet that ladt taking the parking money was thinking you were NUTS! Haha.