Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's Talk Litter Boxes!

Ask any cat owner what they dread most about owning a cat, and the litter box will be the answer! Where to put it . . . . . . how many to have . . . . . . the daily task of scooping . . . . . . . . the litter that gets tracked through the house . . . . . . . the smell . . . . . . the litter's dust . . . . . .

For those of you who are thinking of getting a cat, here is a Cat Litter Box 101 lesson from years of experience! If you can get the cat to use a covered box, it will help on keeping some of the litter in the box when they decide to dig to China.

If you buy one of those white trays from Home Depot or Lowes (that goes under a washing machine), you will have an easier time sweeping up the litter.

Clumping litter is a must - and there are many varieties. The World's Best Litter is a corn based product. Two of my cats use this litter. It doesn't seem quite as dusty to me as most clay litters. However, Samoa will not use it, so you must ask your cat what she prefers. Believe me, they will have an opinion, and you will listen!

A cat's favorite time to use the litter box is right after you've spent time cleaning it out. They like to keep you employed! Having six cats requires a lot of clean up time. Therefore, I decided to splurge (and I'm talking I could have bought a nice chair for less!) and get The Best Invention Ever Known to Womankind!

Meet the Litter-Robot. After a cat pees in this box, you will fall in love! I'm not kidding! It is an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. If you remember I told you to ask your cat what kind of litter they like . . . . . . well, you need to talk nicely to your cats to get them to use this box.

Right now, I only have one cat who will use this robot. Calvin - 17 years old - and the last one that I thought would ever get in this box has his very own, very expensive toilet. Don't worry, the others will use this box, or I'll die trying to get them to use it!

Why don't they all use it? Well, seven minutes after a cat gets out of the robot, it rotates and dumps the waste into a bag-lined drawer in the bottom. One of my cats is terrified that it will rotate when he is in it. That can't happen, but convincing a cat is like convincing a two year old - I'm just sayin' - I've never had a two year old, but I'm 98% sure it's the same!

I'd like to leave you today with my attempt at disguising litter boxes. I'm converting one of my guest rooms into a craft room/cat room. Even though you have to look into the room to see the litter boxes, I wanted to hide them.

At first I thought about using shutters and making a foldable screen. But then my husband came up with the great idea of hanging something from the ceiling. Want to know that that is a brilliant idea? Because when you have to Swiffer the floor, you don't have to move anything! He didn't get his Ph.D. for nothing!

Yeah, I don't have a window treatment up yet, and the quarter round still hasn't been put down, but dang, isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen to hide litter boxes?

It almost makes you want to go out and get a cat!


A New England Life said...

I tell you Laura, that's just what I need ... a Litter Robot! Phin would probably use it but I'm not so sure about Luna. For now it's a one person job ; )

The curtain came out great! So pretty too! And I like the floors as well. Why are you putting down quarter round? It looks good like it is.

Nice pear clock too!

Laura said...

Sharon - you have to leave a gap next to the wall when you lay that floor for expansion depending upon the weather. So, the quarter round covers up that gap. It was on order and just came this weekend, so we have another project for the list!

Mikki said...

Love the curtain. It's so cute. the litter robot is a very cool contraption too. I hope you have much luck convincing your kitties to use it. Maybe a cat whisperer?

Jenn: said...

I always wanna go out and get a cat!! I dont need a reason. Hehe.

Hanging a curtain from the ceiling is brilliant. I may just do that!

We decided to get all new litterboxes when we moved here and now we are stuck with no covered ones!!! And the house is all tile, so it is sand everywhere. I am constantly sweeping, so I am going to look for those trays you showed. Great idea!

I didn't know Calvin was the only one who used the spaceship- haha. Was he the one not using the landing properly too???

disa said...
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