Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Talk Eyebrows!

Go look in the mirror - is this what you see? If you answered yes, then we need to talk!

I consider myself an expert on eyebrows. After all, some teenaged girl sporting a nose ring at Thornton's checkout lane swore that I've had my eyebrows professionally done. Now, if I can impress someone with my eyebrows as I'm buying a diet Coke and a Payday candy bar, then you need to listen!

Surely, you've seen this chart before. It shows the proper placement of your eyebrow and where your arch should be located.

Let's take a look at this week's TV Guide. Oh, Ellen, what is your problem? Do you not own a $10 pair of tweezers? Are you not famous enough to get your eyebrows professionally waxed like Jennifer Aniston?

Look how much nicer that eyebrow is after a little plucking! My secret? Buy clear mascara. Use the wand to apply a small amount on your eyebrows. Then take an eyebrow brush - brush the mascara into your eyebrows using an upwards motion. Take the eyebrow comb and smooth the top of the eyebrow - from inner to outer eye.

Now, I don't care how famous you are, if you want to let someone rip the hair by the roots from your sensitive skin - either above your eyes or below your waist - that is totally up to you!

I plan to stick with my handy tweezers, and let the teenagers keep those wax girls in business. I'm sure they're getting that done while they wait for a pedicure!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, what great eyebrow advice! I'm off to pluck! LOL!

Mikki said...

I neither pluck nor wax, I'm much too scared. I do clip them with those tiny scissors. Somebody HELP me!!!

Jenn: said...

Yes, they call that the pencil trick- where you decide where the hair should start and end.

If you only pluck, how do you get those super-fine lil hairs under the brow? I cant do it all with tweazers. And the waxing is just so quick and cheap. But I do tweaze in between to keep from going back too soon.

A New England Life said...

I love this subject Laura! I too have been asked if I have my eyebrows professionally done, but they haven't, and never will be.

Tweezers: Ladies, it has to be Tweezerman tweezers!!! They are the best! Rather pricey at almost $20 but I swear you will NEVER use anything else again. I bought mine at Linens and Things with a 20% off discount card ; )

Also, check out Oprah's link: http://www.oprah.com/article/omagazine/omag_200302_brow

Anastasia sells her own kits at Sephora I believe. But I'm sure you can google them online. Not to mention there are other eyebrow kits out there as well.

Pluck on! (Just not too much)

A New England Life said...

And one more thing.

A decent quality magnifying mirror is a must! All women should have one! Of course once you do you will be shocked at what you actually see on the surface of your face. lol!

But it's imperative when you want your brows to be juuuust right. Or when dealing with acne ; )

Doreen said...

What do you do when you get older and those nice eyebrows start growing those long unruly hairs? We've all seen them on people. They are about an inch longer then the rest of the hairs. hahaha

A New England Life said...


That's when you pull out the inexpensive beauty shears (that every bathroom should have ; ) ) and trim away!
My husband and I joke about my uncle Gene's eyebrows. They are like feelers on his forehead. lol!

And lest we forget bleaching! I have been bleaching my brows off and on for years now with Jolene Creme Bleach. Just a touch mind you. You don't want to leave it on to long or ... yikes! ... you've got blonde eyebrows with dark hair! Been there, done that.