Friday, August 22, 2008

It Can Only Mean One Thing!

Food - this was just the dessert! We had already chowed down on fried chicken, baked beans, and cole slaw!

Snacks - of course!

The Sub winning first place - a shopping trip to Kohl's!

A cute bookmark for booby prize!

A fall Welcome sign for third place!

A ceramic pumpkin for second place!

The Sub also wins the floater prize!

My Bunquette group met last night at Mary's house!

We spend so much time talking that we can never remember what number we're on. Or is that we're all getting older, and that's why we can never remember what number we're on? To confuse us even more, we played with a dummy - and I'm talking about an empty seat at the table! Plus we had a Sub - who also doubles as one of my Red Hots.

Why is it the Sub always wins?


Mikki said...

Looks like it was lots of fun!!! How fun to get out with the girls and enjoy an evening together.

A New England Life said...

What fun! Great food and prizes too! I had to laugh ... is it any coincidence the booby prize is held up in front of the boobies? LOL!!!!!

Laura said...

Sharon - I had to laugh because I thought about the same thing - the booby prize is held up in front of boobies!

I should have a big L on my forehead for Loser - I came in first a couple of months ago, so it was someone else's turn last night!

Mikki - we meet every month and always have a great time!